Fran Blackwell ~ What If?

Fran & Ed Blackwell - Fran author- Fingerprints of God
Fran & Ed Blackwell – Fran author- Fingerprints of God

Fran Blackwell

What if

God, executed the first planned parenthood?

What if

Soul is a conception of planned “Godhood”?

What if

True conception by divine reception

of God’s Will willingly birthed Itself,,,holographic ally speaking

What if

God impregnated Itself, multiplying IT’S Divinity…

What if

Soul IS God’s Will?

Yes, a challenging thought beyond illusion

this is..Soul a Love Child of God,

Till in full consciousness Soul knows the ecstasy…

going beyond illusions of forgetting

to remember Love is All

God IS Love..

And Soul, What is Soul?

Soul lives, embodied in all living forms,

But is not the form

Soul is the formless Child of God

We are Soul…Gods will in motion..

To gain experiences to learn, to know,

all that I AM as the offspring

of the Almighty Creator, the

progeny of direct God Given Creativity,

With the Power of Loving Creation,

All Soul must do is choose


Self Will/God Will

And though all of Gods lesson plans for each of ITS Children,

Through all timeless illusion, Souls journey is ever going

by Gods Grace into the very heart of Its True Home.

This state of Grace is realized through gratitude and compassion,

The true cloak of humility that dresses Soul as it awakens

to Its truth….of the great love the Creator has for It,

Yes a love so great, so profound,nothing can ever compare.

What could this be you may wonder, It Is The Beloved Master,

The one who has been with each Soul since Its Conception,

Made by God ….just for love, just so Soul would never be alone,

even in Its darkest moments, the love of the Beloved lights

the way within, shadows leave when Gods light chases them

to a nowhere place, fear cannot erase the face of the Beloved

from God Grace, for this is called“Saving Grace”

for life experience has taught Soul It’s value as a

Child of God, and through Service IT knows

Soul is Gods Will in action

What If?

Tour guides on the late night shift…

10817Often when we plan a journey, or vacation, or holiday…we look for the best travel agent or tour guide. However, once in a while, when the unexpected is manifested, and we are totally lost…life will provide us with a tour guide.   A stranger, who lives far enough away, that we can be honest with and remove the mask.  Someone who is a good listener, and who has had many travels themselves.  This past autumn, I took quite ill as a way to sort out my life and to “put my wee house in order”.

There were no affairs to put in order.  I had been married for a long time, on paper anyway, and affairs were not on the horizon.  I loved my husband, I just could not stand some of his habits.  They were too much like the ones I had battled.  Addictions, and substance abuse I knew well.  Myself, I did not know.  

So, back to the tour guide.  I had several actually.

  • I had a doctor I trusted.  This is a good place to start when you have congestive heart failure *(CHF), which was at that time  no longer in remission.
  • I had an occupational therapist who practiced acupressure.  This would augment the doctors acupuncture.
  • I had a great pharmacist who delivered.
  • I had a fabulous cab company who picked up my groceries
  • I had contacts on the computer. 
  • I had my inner tour Guide most days when I was well enough to leave the bathroom to listen 

Some of the folks in my  cyber-super-family turned out to be excellent tour guides.  10364

  1. One was a long time friend, a writer who would take over my blog when the time came to post my good-byes…if need be.  
  2. Another, a cleric on Skype who listened as I sorted my way through funeral arrangements and the  gifting  of things to family and friends.  He had been a sailor early on in life so I loved to listen to his stories. I trusted him.  He had time to listen.  He was an excellent tour guide and story teller. 
  3. A gentleman in recovery who I could call and visit with when I was going through the rough spots.
  4. And last but not least, the stranger, a scientist who liked my poetry.         

One day, as I approached the third batch of anti-botics….I was totally upset.  I had made the funeral arrangements and I just wanted forget all the serious things in life and wanted to laugh.  

Mostly, I wanted to talk to the stranger and tell him I was sad we had not met this lifetime and gone sailing. 

It was on that phone call, he asked some deep questions.   At one point, I said “I just wanted to get some things off my chest.”   (Pretty likely with *CHF and pneumonia something had to be released.)

He did not jump up and down yell eureka!     He let me talk till I could listen.   On the roughest seas, there will always be a great sailor.   A tour guide .  

538090_375566435883977_800673638_nI do not have words to thank you all for your love and caring ways.  

I have not formed my gratitude to thank the  great Guide in my life for  sending you to me when the journey was long, cold. and dark.

I am very blessed.   I have a loving family and a circle of friends who care for me.   These tour guides I mention above were just the night shift so my friends and family could rest.

Thanks be to  the Guide of my life, I made some life style changes.  Am now am able to keep food down and am  healing.

I am having an affair…

I-needed-to-sleep-longI needed to sleep

long enough to awaken.

I needed to cry

long enough to laugh.

I needed the crowds and the music

until I could learn to dance.

I needed the solitude

until I could believe again in romance.

I needed the disease

until I could learn the lesson behind the disease

well enough to heal.

Now that I am awake,




I am having an affair with life.



Light the lanterns…I have arrived Kathleen Dean Dec 28 2014

English: Chinese lanterns in the nightsky of L...
English: Chinese lanterns in the nightsky of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Light the lanterns…I have arrived Kathleen Dean ~ Dec 28, 2014

Your memories called out to me; I walked to your heart and found my own.

I almost imagined your smile; like an unfinished letter, it was impossible to call you back.

At your death, they painfully denied my request to go with you.

“Is it the fare?” I asked. “There is enough money.

Maybe I need to get my bag packed first.

Do I need to call anyone? Why can’t I go too?”

The guardian at the door stood silent not answering a single question.

Then replied,

“I must turn you away is not your turn, not yet, some day.”

Despite his remark, I decided to wait feeling that if he saw my pain the Almighty might change his mind.

I shouted,

“I will grab a brick and break a window!”

I was prepared to explain what a wonderful husband you were. Surely, he will understand how much I will miss you.

“I am willing to pay the fee.”

No amount of money or tears will bring you back. Truth is you have never left.

I move on through the days and nights opening up each one carefully with the knowledge that I would find a glimpse of your, our, life.

There they were I eagerly started toward them. Our wedding day; the first thing I saw was you sitting in the ER at Mercy Hospital because you had rice stuck in your left ear.

English: Traditional street lanterns
English: Traditional street lanterns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The nurse laughed, “So you’re the reason I could not sleep, all those cars that were being driven up and down my street blowing their horns. Maybe I ought to leave that rice in there.”

We felt so lost when the bank manager rejected our request for a loan. We had applied in not one, but three different banks to purchase a home. To think they claimed we were too young.

Grandpa Brown told us not to worry, “Buying a house was like catching a street car. Another one would come along.”

A month later, we were able to get our dream place along the shores of Knox Lake.

Not all doors open up into a pleasant memory. There are some where no one answers my calls for help. In my darkest hours, I sense thee,  by smell of laughter mixed in with shades of light as the sun peeps over the trees.

Shaking off depression I feel more than hear a voice,

“This will work out you are not alone.”

So far, I have managed not to do myself in, cause an accident, or bodily injury. Some mornings I must look like the wicked witch of the west though.

It is amazing what a bath and a little make-up can do for a body.

“So where do you think you’re going?”

Ramadan lanterns from below, Road 9, Maadi, Ca...
Ramadan lanterns from below, Road 9, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…I do not know.

I was beginning to believe that there were no more rooms left… all vacant, all dark.

Pain lurks in the shadows, I have found book of matches that will light my way.

There are many days and years ahead for me. They are pointing towards tomorrow, carefully selected.

Light the lanterns. I have arrived.


The miracle is waiting…art work by Colin Hall

How often I have heard1508565_523165791115493_1707556079_n nuce

I am waiting for a miracle?

What if, the miracle is already here?

Just waiting…for you to be aware of it.

Just waiting…for you to discover it.

Just waiting…for you to accept it.

Just waiting….for you

to take the action to help make it happen.

Just waiting…for you to surrender and find it.

The miracle is waiting.

 Deep within you to be found. 

1461212_523134607785278_115724229_n nuce 2Miracles are not around the corner.  

Not over the next bridge.  

Miracles are within you.

 Bring it on.

 Bring it forward.

I do not believe in miracles.  

I depend on them. 

Time upon a once, or once upon a time?

Astronomical Clock (Astronomical Dial), Prague...

Time upon a once, in the days of old…

There was a body, who grew restless,

felt more of the  cold.

It had less and less  knowledge

of things of the past.

It had less and less knowledge

of things that did not last.

 It took to sleeping

at the most awkward of times:

At the computer, or doing the dishes…

or writing a rhyme

once even while shopping

the five and dime.

It spent Its time under the Sun,

in the land of dreams….

where we are all one.  

It was more and more,

in every passing day..

More like Soul…

more full of play.

 Society labelled It,

while It slept.

 They said it was aging.

 They said it was inept.

Little they knew

How much it took to forget

Who Soul had been

How not to regret

How much it all felt like a lie

They were told they were dying

When they were in reality

really becoming more and more alive.

This holy fire became more  intense

as the old one slept, joy jumped the fence.   

It planted the seeds

of love in its very depth.

 It nurtured and grew them

on each chance of sleep.  

Then the day came…

when love burst forth.

The old one was labelled “insane”.  

They laughed at life

with its pain and strife.

They met all challenges

with laughter and mirth.

They danced in the rain,

they rolled in the snow.

What would it take

for the old one to know,

that they were foolish?

that they had no tact!

no one of culture,

 would act like that!

 What would it take

for the critics to know

the deep abiding  love shared by the aging one

with everyone, whenever,  wherever they go?

Time upon a once, or once upon a time

you will come to know,

the things of which I speak.

when it your time to glow in 

the wisdom of the ancients hidden in this rhyme. 

Sextant (Photo credit: mcarpentier)

Winner wonderland…artistry by Colin Hall


There is a battle raging

within the physical body  with the  cold.

1469897_517979288300810_78784646_n (1)ch

Where the dreams of tomorrow

meet the with the challenges of old.

I am hiding out in the mountains….

until the healing comes.

I am buried under the snowbank….

basking in the sun.

“I am always in the learning from the cosmic sea.

1461381_512809568817782_138859729_nI am always with you“*

*quote from Harold Klemp

....are the Creator`s words to me.

So although the mind wants to read

the title of this poem,

as winter wonderland…

I need it to read Winner wonderland,

as I delight in my Journey home.

993748_515  CH 1235


When I…with photo artistry Gabriel Corno

If I could touch your hands, I would no longer need words.

Artwork by Gabriel Corno

When I, in dreams,  touch your hand, my heart fills with so much joy. My eyes leak. Soul dances. As,  I laugh at the long-awaited-trip to love’s true home. Just one more thing, dear heart, thank you for being.  I see your sparkling love lighting my pathway. I feel your touch in every moment of my life.   Your love, friendship,compassion, companionship…make my life worth the trip. I re-incarnate every night in dreams.   The only thing that is ever left over,  from the day before, is the dishes.