Christmas in August – a focus on grief – w o r k in progress

Visiting the grief today

feels like celebrating Christmas in August

I see you in the corner

of the kitchen smiling.

I hear your voice on the phone

When I have not finished dialing.

I feel your heat in lectures

From folks I chance to meet.

I reflect back on the rawness of the grief

Six months after you had gone.

I wanted to tie it up

in a bright ribbon

and put it away

Visiting the grief today

feels like celebrating Christmas in August

Christmas  felt  like a play rehearsal.

The stars, were missing.

(You  had  already gone

to the great Broadway in the sky) .

Act One, had already been performed .

Your  work here was done.

Because of your love and your life

It is,  for me,  Christmas everyday.

Some moments,  

do not feel like presents.

Some moments,  

I feel stuffed and overfed with grief.

Some hours pass,

 now,  when I refuse to believe you are gone.

Some moments,

 I feel your presence.

I see you in the corner

of the kitchen smiling.

I hear your voice on the phone

When I have not finished dialing.

I feel your heat in lectures

From folks I chance to meet.

Those  are the moments

when you nestle in my heart.

 The  goodness of your intentions,

Your  laughter and your inventions

take hold,  giving  me a new start.

Then,  it becomes  Christmas everyday.

I send you love on your Journey.

I embrace your memories.

I embrace your memories.

That makes everyday Christmas.

Snapshot_20130303_1Christmas in August

what a concept.

Invite your friends over.

Have turkey, ham, and all

the trimmings what a trip.

Grief is like Christmas in August.

No one understands

what you are celebrating.

No one understands

what you are feeling.

(Least of all yourself !)

Unless of course, they have grieved.

So why not revisit the grief?

Know why

you are aching still.

Know if

you have stopped the denial.

If you are still looking

for them on yonder hill.

Finding out if the letting go

Gives you space

To let in…

Do you have space in your life?

Is facing the grief like

addressing the pile of laundry

or dishes to be washed?

Grief is you missing a part of yourself

That is one “helluva” cost.

I told someone

“I am tired of missing

those who are gone”.

Then they said “Don’t”

“Don’t miss them.

Celebrate them.

Have their favorite meal.

Sing their songs.

They are in your life today

IF you let them.

Invite them along.”

When they finally had my attention

Then they softly said

When you are ready

 there is something else you can do.

Some thing you can engage

Some thing that may ring true.

Take your grief to your Creator,

Your Inner Master,

the highest part of yourself,

your Sage.

Write it all down.

Start at the top of the page.

Ask to visit your loved ones

In the dream state or in Soul flight

Ask to learn about their Journey

Ask to set things right.

The answers may  come in a moment

The answers may  come overnight

But slowing down

your life to address the loss

Could help make many things right.

You and the Creator have the answer

Of the story you feel is untold,

Learn beloved Soul

About your self

Your family

Your joys

Your losses

There are many more stories to unfold.

When you do learn to embrace it

The sorrow

The pain

The rainbows

The laughter

You have worlds to gain.

You can sing in the sunshine

You can laugh in the rain

You can learn about yourself

Your beloveds and the benefits of pain.

The Laughter of children…..


Laughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)!t=1006

Return To Innocence

Return To Innocence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guest Author Jessie Marie Olson Voyeurs

fire bird


An expose of an overdue requisition

In a delicate but effective deposition.

Whereby the ordinance is realized

that in this moment she is undisguised.

Breaking mental walls, fading quails

Binding limb to limb, evening the scales.

As a hungry Wolf would shadow his prey,

they sit and mind her to their own dismay.


Des McCaffery  Artist Hunters

Des McCaffery Artist Hunters

Hunters ~ Desmond Mc Caffrey

Somehow yet she still enchants them,

she bids them to watch as she advances.

As she surmounts an ancient mountain,

fates ablaze falling down around them.

Buried to the crown the voyeurs lye, 

and from the ashes the Phoenix flies.

Unmasked and incisive are her wings,

In golden ecstasy the Phoenix sings.

Like an hour-glass her breath is lapsing

a figure eight is her flight ever lasting.

~ Jessie Marie Olson  Dec 13, 2012  Northern Alberta Canada


The great day dedicated to my Josephine…for her healing days.

Heavenly Sunlight Glory Divine

Heavenly Sunlight Glory Divine (Photo credit: Nature Pictures by ForestWander)

It snuck up on me without any warning.

The “knowing“ that,  today right now…

Was going to be a great day…

This morning.

All the cares and worries of the past 

Are no longer mine

They can not last.

I will tell you why, 

In case you don`t know.


Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook (Photo credit: twinxamot)

Or you have forgotten

or have stepped out  of the flow.

The love  of  Source

Creator of All

Is ours  to  tap into

It is at our beck and call.

It snuck up on me without any warning.

The “knowing“ that,  today right now…

Was going to be a great day…

This morning.

There maybe times throughout the day

When I am out of sorts

When I forget to say

Thanks Creator, for the Love Divine.

For teaching me I can start my day over  

Any time. 

I close my eyes

I visualize

All the love from the Mountain of God

Flowing into me 

As a fresh

renewing stream of water












for just being







to be just


I am Soul.

I am free. 

I bask in the glow of the love

For as long as I want.

Slowly, I return to the present.






This is one great day.

It snuck up on me without any warning.

The “knowing“ that,  today right now…

Was going to be a great day…

This morning.


Sausalito Sunrise color

Sausalito Sunrise color (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

Roses after rain

Roses after rain

Roses after rain

There is a time of healing

It is an old refrain

I feel as fresh and renewed

As roses after rain.

Healing waters flow…….a gratitude ramble….

English: Water fountains in the city of Unaizah.

English: Water fountains in the city of Unaizah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1964 New York World's Fair

1964 New York World’s Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Parque de la exposicion, A park, that...

English: Parque de la exposicion, A park, that shows the largest park with water fountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a child I heard this song

Where the healing waters flow

Where the Joys celestial  know.

There is peace and rest and love

Where the healing waters flow.

Today as an recovering heart patient, 18 mos since my stroke….

I know the healing waters of life have touched me, deeply. 

I am amaZed at the love, learning and gift of living I have been re-given.


The healing waters flow from and to

 a fountain deep within.

Cooling, clear, crystal jewels of water.

Calming, clearing, caressing Soul.

The love I am experiencing

makes my body want to grin.

I want to dance and sing and shout.

This incredible healing

Is what it is all about.

Thank you dear hearts

For standing for me

When I could not walk.

For helping me learn

When I need to find my Voice

When I could not talk.

Thank you for loving me

Through the fears.

Thank you for the laughter 

Joys and tears

Thank for your healing love

Guiding me all these years.

The breeze caresses us as we sleep

Trees in Snow

Trees in Snow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Balance of Nature

Balance of Nature (Photo credit: aaron.knox)


Calmness (Photo credit: digital mind)

Jah's rays

Jah’s rays (Photo credit: /\ \/\/ /\)

Painting from the Chauvet cave, replica in the...

Painting from the Chauvet cave, replica in the Brno museum Anthropos. 31,000 years old art, probably Aurignacien. The group of horses probably does not picture a herd of them, but some kind of etological study, showing, from left to right, calmness, aggression, sleep and grazing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The storms of  life

bring soft snow flakes

while spring flowers

 force their heads

into the sunlight of the spirit…

for healing`s sake. 

The balance of nature,

the joy of life

are comforting in the pain and strife.

I am that great.

I am that loved.

I am that

which the Creator

formed me to be. 

The calmness is mine. 

I gather the women around the fire.

We sit vigil.

You go into the highest tree

to wait for the healing to come to thee.

You claim the healing as you speak

I am that great.

I am that loved.

I am that

which the Creator

formed me to be. 

The calmness is mine. 

As the love flows

from the Creator`s cheek…

The love, the healing divine. 


Perspective on healing

Fireweed on the Klondike Highway in British Co...

Image via Wikipedia

A mountain goat from the Klondike Highway near...

Image via Wikipedia

Česky: Prostredný hrot, Vysoké Tatry, Slovensk...
Image via Wikipedia

The pain is gone……..



wracked with pain…

I detach

knowing there worlds to gain.

The cleansing,

the healing,

the renewal

its true

Are gifts

we receive.

The point

of view

is up to you.

Steps of the Temple


Image by runran via Flickr

Image by /\/\acropoulos via Flickr

Cleaning my wee temple.

Step by step.

Blessing all those who will come.

Blessing all who leave.

The stairs may seem a mundane thing.

They remind me

I have a home.

Not just the wee temple

stairs I am scrubbing.

But the inner temple of my being

Where through life the truth I am seeing.

Where I must clean

each step of all the stairways

Not just every other day

Not just once a week

But moment by moment

Keeping the clutter and idle chatter gone

So I can focus on the love as I gaze upon:

All the marvels

All the blessings

All the gifts

All the miracles

Of simply being alive

in a free country

With free speech

Freedom to worship

Freedom to ignore

Freedom to scrub

my wee temple.

 Now, the inner temple

Step by step

That is what my life is for.

The Gratitude attitude.




Lead to dedication

As I scrub the steps. 

With love.

Hump day….surrender and forgiveness

Surrender to things in love

Gives me strength from God above….

It does not mean that I can be controlled.

It does not mean there is not grief to be consoled.

It does not mean that the policies and procedures by which you thrive

Are to be my mandate on how and why I will conduct myself and be alive.

I forgive myself for loving you so deeply because it was a good lesson.

Now I am waiting for the healing to happen cause I sure need the blessin’.