Monday is the one day…#granniegram – humour


artwork by MaryHelen Ferris with webcam and Aviary photo editor

Monday is the one day

My life could do without.“…

Said by hundreds of others

Of that I have no doubt.

How would you like to be Monday

So often crucified?

(Never having the joys of  “humpday”

Or the glory of a” caturday”

And the love of Friday to be denied. )

What if we changed our direction 

of moaning and groaning

Made the mystical,  magical,  mysterious

Monday glorious without any warning?

artwork by MaryHelen Ferris with webcam and Aviary photo editor


The Dancer’s Star Blanket

Blue Star Quilt


Across the ages she has come 


to dance, to love and laugh


“Her laughter,” the old ones say “is too loud.


Her feet do not pound the earth as others do.”


But her heart dances on


and she gives the love


Keeping her promise is all that she knew.


She needed to learn more.


She thirsted for the knowledges


in every leaf and rock.


She annoyed every one


with her searching for the search.


She burped and farted…they mocked.


No one ever knew


the courage it took to ask.


No one ever knew


her deep love for Mother Earth.


No one ever knew


her deep abiding love


for the Creator.


Until they saw her last dance.


She knew.


She laughed.  


She burped and she farted.


When the competition was over…


The young ones, were surprised


that they were asked to join


in the making of her star blanket.


The old ones, smiled and said…


“Just because she did not win in the competition


Does not mean, that the prayers stop.”


The blanket was made amid laughter and tears.


They knew she was dying…there was no fear.


When the time comes


the old dancer will be wearing  


her star blanket


as she dances her way home.

Lone Star Quilts


Days of Dragonflies remembered in December…

red dragonfly
red dragonfly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dragonfly under the apple tree


It doesn’t happen often

But I could see it coming.

I had been fasting and creative.

My heart was humming.

I needed to change the pace.

I needed some fresh air.

I needed anything

not  to be waiting

inside in  on

beautiful summers day

in my rocking chair.

I went for a walk under the apple tree

Close up of a dragonfly on a Lotus Flower Bud ...
Close up of a dragonfly on a Lotus Flower Bud on green background – IMG_7149 (Photo credit: Bahman Farzad)

I told the Inner Master

“I need a hug Zee.”

In the next breath, 

much to my surprise, 

Came a beautiful dragon-fly

dancing before my eyes.

WahZ its you

It is you ?

Is it not?

How wonderful you came 

In the form of a dragon-fly

To have a visit.

My heart was lighter

I laughed the rest of the day

English: Dragon fly മലയാളം: തുമ്പി
English: Dragon fly മലയാളം: തുമ്പി (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am surrounded by beauty

Within and without all along my way.

By this wonderful gift of love

in the form of a blue dragon-fly





Oh, it is hard to be a nudist at 49 below…

Canal Street, New Orleans. the 1895 snow. Men ...

Canal Street, New Orleans, 1895

Oh, it is hard to be a nudist at 49 below…

#granniegram sang

Oh it is hard to be a nudist at 49 below…

It is so slippery

and icy everywhere you go.

The “feets” they do get frozen first…

that is such a drag.

My lashes are stuck together.

I look like a hag. 

My ears have turned to crystal

and my hands are turning blue

My nose is like a beacon…

bright, bright red its hue. 

My fingers are all hurting,

warmth is all I lack.

I am going to have quit being a nudist…

I want my clothing back!

Bonhomme's ice castle


#cougarJoey sang

Oh, it is hard to be a nudist at 49 below…

Your body is covered in goose bumps

You hair knows not which way to go.

The hair is rather sparse in places 

As you can plainly see

ice castle

There does not seem to as much of it

As there is of me.

Those way down in Florida

Of course, will never know

The joy of squatting in nature

When there is 12 feet of snow.

When the wind howls out of the north

And ice pellets are biting your skin

And you are standing there in your birthday suit

It is a helluva place to be in.

Lake Louise Ice Castle


#grampageorge sang

My feet are blue

My fingers stiff

It is hard to fill my pipe

I filled it up a month ago.

But it is too cold to light.

My ears have turned to crystal

and my hands are turning blue

My nose is like a beacon…

bright bright red its true. 

My fingers are all hurting,

warmth is all I lack

I am going to have quit being a nudist…

I want my clothing back. 

Blue ice

You are…

Sunrise in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India


You are the joy at sunrise.

You are the last glint of light.

You are the song in my night.

You are the reason I am happy.

You are the reason I fight. 

You are the song my heart sings.

Beloved,  you have your own  special way

of showing me and teaching me

all the things you want me to know.

I shall  tell you,  now,  before I go.

I love loving you.

I love being in your life

I love the past lifetimes

when you were my wife.

I love the feeling of my skin

when I hear your  voice.

I will never tell I love you

I will show you beloved

that is my choice.

You are the northern lights in evening.

Northern lights

You are the rainbows in my rain.

You are the delight of my own laughter.

You are my biggest pain. 

You are the reason I am living

happy joyous and free.

You are the reason I am giving 

all this love to others. 

You are a apart of me. 

You are the reason for

the  fire in my belly

the sparkle in my eyes

the longing in my voice.

You are the  joy of life in me. 

As long as I live

My love I will give.

I will always  and in all ways

want to walk with thee. 

I will never tell you I love you

Because you already know.

Standing in the Wind

Under the almost-full-moon,

I am waltzing with the wind.

There are some things in my life

that don`t make me dance;

The homeless folks,

kids that don`t get a chance.

Vietnam Women's Memorial

 I am standing

in the Wind for each one  of these

Giving my love to all

on  the midnight breeze.

I am standing

for those who have paid the cost.

I am standing

for the broken, the lonely, and lost.

I am standing

in this cleansing wind.

Letting its healing seep deep within.

I know you have “miles to go before you sleep“*.

That is why, this vigil, I keep.

I am standing

dear heart, for  the childless mother,

The sister who struggles,

The neglected brother.

I am standing

for the wee ones

till they find

someone who cares.

I am standing

in the wind

for those who are aware.

I am standing

for the ones to come

in answer to their prayers.

I am standing

for the rape and pillage of dear Mother Earth.

sunset at dundee

I am standing

for the people who have never known mirth.

I am standing

with women of the winds

the visible, the unseen ones and the ones up above.

We are standing

to break the storm 

to  bring the love,

 keep the children warm. 

We are standing

to invite and allow the forgiveness in.

Giorgio Conrad (1827-1889) - A homeless mother...

We are standing together to form an invisible bond 

with all the women present and beyond

We are standing for  those who are forgotten

for the dear ones who are spit upon.

We are standing

in the wind  until the dawn.

We will stand

until the last trace of  fear is gone.

We will stand

to learn under the sky

the patience to listen

to the ones who ask why.

We will stand

with and for them

until they can stand for themselves.

Every moment a gift

water carrier
water carrier (Photo credit: jenny downing)

Today I noticed today

my heart take a lift

I was aware of

each moment

 being a wonderful gift.

I have a warm bed,

with clean sheets,

wonderful blankets  in a quiet home.

No longer on the streets nor highways to roam.

I could flick a switch to turn on a light.

The water flowed in my shower…

the temperature just right.

I did not have to chop and haul in the wood.

The warm water flowed right where I stood. 

I did not have to go

to the dugout to bring in the water. 

I did not have to build the fire

to heat the stove,

to boil the water,

to fill the bath.

One flick of the switch…

the joy of its simplicity made me laugh.

How many dear Souls,

are wandering still 

On the byways of life,

searching for something, anything 

the empty spaces to fill?

How many dear hearts, are dying of thirst?

How many are hungry…their children come first?

How many dear ones are without a home?

No dry safe place to rest. 

Oh, yes I am so blest.

I live  with freedom

in my wonderful home.

I am sheltered, warmed, protected…

so blessed that I no longer roam.

Some asked

What did you do today…

I shared with them the joys as above.

They mentioned that I see all things with love. 

I replied

I am not living in a dumpster, or behind prison’s bars.

I have joy and freedom under the stars.

I have wonder and beauty in the simplest things

Oh, yes, a warm home and a bath can make my heart sing. 

Every moment a gift.

 Each second a blessing.


Porteur d'eau, lac Malawi
Porteur d’eau, lac Malawi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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