Salute 2 Threza (with links to her music and poetry)

Here is Threza

Threza is a singer/songwriter residing in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  She wrote:

I am living proof that it is possible to make your musical dreams come

true regardless of age or circumstance.  I am entering the music scene

after raising four children as a single mother.  

In fact, I had already been a grandmother for two years before I released my first CD!

My life experiences in love and loss and hope and healing are the fabric of my music.  The style of my music has a distinctive flavor and it’s difficult to categorize, though you might say it’s pop/folk/singer-songwriter.  My original songs share a universal understanding and emotional depth that appeal to a wide range of age groups.



Walking with our Sisters (with link to Group)





Walking with our SistersSnapshot_20110727_15

The photo above is one vamp of a pair….
my friend in the North and I in the South each have one.
 In the three years since I left Grande Prairie,
she has not been able to come here.  When I went there she was not at home.
So we are sending the vamps to this great project.  Join us in your support….



“Walking With Our Sisters” A Commemorative Art Installation for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada 

It is estimated that 600+ native women in Canada have gone missing or have been murdered in the last 20 years. Many have vanished without a trace with little to no concern paid by the media, the general public or politicians. This is a travesty of justice.

600+ moccasin tops are being created by hundreds of caring and concerned people to create one large collaborative art piece that will be installed for the public in various galleries and sites. They will be installed in a winding path of beaded vamps on cloth over a gallery floor. Viewers would need to remove their shoes to walk over the cloth and walk along the path.

The pairs of vamps (tops) will be returned to each artist after the install, so each pair would need the name of the artist on the back in order to return them.

Naturally the names of all the artist/contributors will be listed as the artists.

This project is about these women, paying respect to their lives and existence on this earth. They are not forgotten. They are sisters, mothers, daughters, cousins, grandmothers. They have been cared for, they have been loved, and they are missing.

NEW: A recording of traditional honour songs will also be created for the audio portion of the installation. A separate call to traditional singers anywhere in Turtle Island has gone out. See the poster under the “photo” tab of this group page for more info.

This “group” page is created so that there is a central forum for the contributing artists to communicate about this project.


I am a story teller.   There are no words to express my devotion to the women in my life.  Imagine if one of them were taken away from me in this horrible manner and then forgotten by my people.   



Outward bound

Greyhound, Black and White

Traveling out on Greyhound today?

No need to worry fuss or wait.

Service with a smile, you’ll get

With Miss Vickie at the gate. 

After a midnight departure out of Grande Prairie, Alberta…..weary travelers are pampered at Calgary Alberta by the kindness of the security and customer relations department.   I was blessed to be one of those.  A 17 hour bus ride is a serenity tester for most anyone, let alone a senior laden with gifts from the north. Customer service, heart driven, is so appreciated and quite rare. 

Sewing for Kids

1297373504912_ORIGINALGrande Prairie, Alberta Location


Sewing for Kids

Hidden by racks upon racks

of colourful cloth and clothing,

Sewing for Kids

celebrated its 10th anniversary

Tuesday afternoon.

The local non-profit organization has been sewing outfits made from excess or unwanted materials for needy children in Grande Prairie since 2003.

The volunteers make everything from bibs and change pads to mittens and dresses, relying entirely on donated fabric for the outfits.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” said Joey Farnsworth on how far Sewing for Kids has come.

She started the project in her basement 10 years ago with a couple of friends looking to get rid of extra cloth lying around the house.

“We recycle, reuse and hand along everything,” said Farnsworth. “There is extremely little waste.”

Once the finishing touches are made, the clothing is distributed by different charitable organizations in Grande Prairie.

“There’s no cost to anyone,” explained Lorena Ramsankar, who has been sewing with the organization for more than three years. “Social agencies zero in on the people who have the needs.”

It’s delicate work, but Ramsankar and the other volunteers feel it’s worth every minute of their time.

“It’s rewarding because at the end of the day we know we’re making life a little bit easier for many children,” she said.

“One of our goals is self-esteem and when a child wears clothing that is prettier than something they can pick off the rack, that contributes to their self-esteem.”

From humble beginnings in Farnsworth’s basement, Sewing for Kids has expanded to a team of more than 15 members. They have eight sewing machines, furniture to store it and piles of fabric waiting to be cut. But without any funding, Farnsworth said she is always looking for more.

“We want to keep this up until every child in Grande Prairie receives a minimum of one new outfit per year that’s never been previously worn,” she said.

“So as long as we have sewers and material, we’re going to keep providing.”

The group cuts, stitches and knits every Tuesday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Capstan Hauling building on 9511-154 Avenue.(Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada)

For more information call Joey at 780-532-8259.

Twitter: @DHTElizabeth


Dear hearts, this is my favorite charity.  

Is there a need in your neighbourhood for stitching love together.

Help the author help the kids Sewing for Kids

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“If life gives you scraps, make a quilt” – dedicated to Tiffany Jack K. and Phyllis Berry-Kiechhofer

Walter Langley - The Old Quilt
Walter Langley – The Old Quilt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My name is GR8LISTENER.

Some of you know me by other names.

Addict, alcoholic, liar, cheat, con.
I was not always a great listener.

I was always wanting to be

“heard and not hurt”.

I took my pain and made a poem.

I took my lessons and wrote four plays.

I took the scraps that life gave me

and made a quilt.

“Quote from sewing group in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada….

If life gives you scraps,

make a quilt”

My quilt, like yours, has two sides.

The one the public sees.

The one I truly am.

They are the same quilt.

One is private.

One is public.

My soft spots are

“people who need to be hurt

and keep on hurting”

And “people who are children”

who keep on living in wonder,

joy, love, imaginations and creativity.

These are the people in the life of

GR8LISTENER…the public and the private.

Which side of the quilt will I show you?

Do you need to publicly keep on hurting?


Do you privately need to keep living in wonder,

joy, love, imagination and creativity?

What would happen for you,

If you turned over the quilt?

If you, creatively, lovingly got rid of the hurt?

Would you become a great listener?

Would you listen to your dreams and the dreams of others?

Would you warm them with your quilt…

Until, they could make a quilt to warm themselves?

Until, they could be both the public and private self?

Shadow and light.

Become authentic and real.

We have a choice to stop hurting !

We have a choice to creatively, lovingly

use the energy we spend

on “fixing” the quilt that we are

(scraps public and private)

instead of hurting.

Addictions come to all of us in life.

Addictions like shopping, computers,

bingo, tv, cell phones.

and some others you may have heard of.

For some of the years of my life,

All I had been scraps.

Now, I have a quilt.

I learned from the leaders.

I learned from the people

who needed to stay hurt.

Most of all, I learned from the children

who become the artists, musicians,

writers, dancers, singers,

quilt makes, life givers and lovers of life.

I love to listen to them.

I need to listen to the people who need to hurt

(and keep on hurting)

Until they are ready to come Home !

Patchwork quilt: 1992 Kentucky State Winner.

Frozen In Time


Photo credit   Sonny Galea  

Wild Wilderness Photography          Grande Prairie Alberta



My love for you

Is frozen in time.

It is beautiful.

It haunts me.

It thrills me.

I want to plunge 

deep into it.

I want it to

Freeze over. 

Then, I can walk

Across the ice…

To the safety of your arms.

Oh, how beautiful they were!

How beautiful they are

When I dream myself into you.

How beautiful they will be again.

In this moment I bask

In the cold and relish its healing


I am more alive in this frozen


Then I will ever be in a heated

 heartless passion.

I am crystalized and appeased

As I become one with

You once again.

Frost on the cobwebs dew on the roses

There are times

when the frost on the cobwebs

and the dew on the roses penetrate Soul

more than one supposes.

At moments like that

and times like these

we need to have heart

not just do as we please

We need to surrender

Pull in the girth

Get our act together

Protect Mother Earth.

Stop trashing your neighbours

Quit cutting down trees

See how you can be of service

Get down on Soul’s knees.

Walk in the Sunlight of the Spirit

Clean up your act

Be more mindful of your responsibility

Share your love with tact._MG_4850(2)Photo by Olivia Kachman


It took place in Grande Prairie Alberta in the Douglas Cardinal Auditorium.

I was transported by  the artistry, the tapestry and the majesty of this show

to Massey Hall, Carnegie Hall and the opera houses  in  Europe.

The acoustics were wonderful.

The lyrics and spoken word moving, touching and stimulating.

The performances outstanding.

The performers stellar.

It thrilled all of us seated.

The impact of  the show was not lost on  those who did not attend.

An old angry crone  left to see the show.

She returned as  a spontaneous light hearted woman.

Laughter rolled from her belly

and over her lips passing  her one tooth

 as she amazed  her audience at the  Elder’s shelter

 with the details of her evening.

They were thrilled with the transformation.

The intent of the show may have been to creatively give artists their voice.

One in the audience regained her youth, her spirit and her laughter.

She is  my neighbour.  

Thanks for bringing her back to life.