The fire works at cleansing

The fire burns deep within 

my skin when I am skin starved.

When I am longing

aching for your touch.

The  fire  works at cleansing.

 I hunger

for the touch.

 I long

just to see you.

The one

who holds me when I dream.

I want to laugh,

to be with you,

to be  with you so much.

Ever since I was a child

at my Mother `s knee…

I climbed in to bed,

said my prayers

Just before I

drift off to sleep

A loving arm comes

around my waist,

to hold and comfort me. 

I am

not complaining

that it happens.

It is a comfort

as well as a great, loving  gift

Being held by my beloved

in the dreams state

Has always been there

has always given my life a great lift.

I do not understand

when folks say they are lonely.

Because I know

I have never felt that way.

Except when I awaken

wanting to  invite you out to play.

The cleansing  fire of spirit

Comforts me in the day.

The holy loving beloved  of my


Gives my passion a place to lay.

Volcanic material thrust high into the atmosph...