Every moment a gift

water carrier
water carrier (Photo credit: jenny downing)

Today I noticed today

my heart take a lift

I was aware of

each moment

 being a wonderful gift.

I have a warm bed,

with clean sheets,

wonderful blankets  in a quiet home.

No longer on the streets nor highways to roam.

I could flick a switch to turn on a light.

The water flowed in my shower…

the temperature just right.

I did not have to chop and haul in the wood.

The warm water flowed right where I stood. 

I did not have to go

to the dugout to bring in the water. 

I did not have to build the fire

to heat the stove,

to boil the water,

to fill the bath.

One flick of the switch…

the joy of its simplicity made me laugh.

How many dear Souls,

are wandering still 

On the byways of life,

searching for something, anything 

the empty spaces to fill?

How many dear hearts, are dying of thirst?

How many are hungry…their children come first?

How many dear ones are without a home?

No dry safe place to rest. 

Oh, yes I am so blest.

I live  with freedom

in my wonderful home.

I am sheltered, warmed, protected…

so blessed that I no longer roam.

Some asked

What did you do today…

I shared with them the joys as above.

They mentioned that I see all things with love. 

I replied

I am not living in a dumpster, or behind prison’s bars.

I have joy and freedom under the stars.

I have wonder and beauty in the simplest things

Oh, yes, a warm home and a bath can make my heart sing. 

Every moment a gift.

 Each second a blessing.


Porteur d'eau, lac Malawi
Porteur d’eau, lac Malawi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fran Blackwell -To go Through (The Eye of the Needle)


The Eye of The Needle

September 27, 2013 at 1:16am


To Go Through the Eye


To clearly see what needs to be seen

for visionary insight, looking within to see

what is required, when the tests come

through the Five Virtues


No longer are the opposites pulling away

from the center, centered in Spirit all day

and night, the blast of wind from the mountain

of God keeps the attention on the Sacred Sound

HU,* as it whispers a silent refrain.


For survival, Soul must Serve the Great Servant,.

To develop balance in all Spiritual endeavors,

Soul must use the gifts given by Spirit,

for the upliftment of all beings, all life.


The unfoldment of Soul must bring

Spiritual Maturity, yet it must walk the path of Love

with Confidence, and above all else, Self Honesty

for this brings Humility to Soul,strengthening

It to withstand, beyond all understanding,


the true reality, where one gains the gift

to receive the full measure of Gods Love for Soul.

And with Gratitude, you recognize, you have

been given all ,yes all the gifts of Spirit,

the Master gave you eons

ago, when the world was young,

and Soul was learning how to accept the gifts of Spirit.

The Masters held nothing back


Trust entered the picture, absolute trust and reliance

for the Beloved Master, whose trust in me, Soul,

is beyond measure, opening the Heart, to the eternal

rhythm of God, discovering the letters that compose words,

the notes that compose melodies,

the beat of time, timelessly sings the song of

the Great Law, “ Love all things, and do what thy wilt”.


The view from the Heart

is all that matters, seeing beauty from the inside out.

To behold joy, unfettered free from judgments,

suppositions, impositions that no longer gain entry

into the consciousness of Soul, for they pass

like storm clouds and gray skies on the ever-changing horizon.


When Trust is absolute, Soul knows the Sun‘s gonna shine

in my back door someday, as sure as


stars shining bright above me,

the deepest longings take flight into

a re-newing moment out of time,

timeless, ageless, down through the ages,

experiences written and recorded on the pages


within the book of the Heart to tell

the story of one Soul rising,

and the endless, never-ending journey,

brings Soul to the Eye of the Needle.


To enter through the eye of the needle,

what is there to say?

what is there to do?

Keep my heart out of dead lock,


for I have claimed my spiritual inheritance

to the kingdom of heaven,

where foreclosures do not exist,

the only fore is foregone in conclusion

to live within the consciousness


of the Four Fundamentals of Spirit.

This is my daily bread, nourishment for Soul.

I have learned to cherish Now, and celebrate

the comings and goings of Soul through

the Portals of Life and Death,


for each moment dies, birthing a new Now,

throughout eternity, where the eye of the needle waits,

for weary travelers prepared to enter….

yet to enter, Soul must give up everything!

Every gift, talent, heart knowing certainty,

even the four fundamentals!!!!!

even what you think you know, all thought

must be left behind, all longing,

there is no room .


The eye of the needle requires threadbare bare to the bones

Soul, surrendered, needing nothing.

Life and Death blend into one

glorious moment, knowing the greatest

thing Soul will ever learn

is just to love

and be loved in return.



The Divine Mystery revealed after going

through the Eye of the Needle,

is that every surrendered talent, or gift,

all you were willing to give up to enter the eye

of the needle, Soul finds waiting on the other side!

Now the gifts of Spirit truly belong

to Soul to use in service, to all life,

for in this challenge, it is found

all one needs is God Love


Divine Love is the only way,

through the eye of the Needle,

the only way.

 *HU http://cache.eckankar.org/windows/video/MiraclesInYourLife.wmv

English: Eye of a needle Italiano: Cruna d'ago
English: Eye of a needle Italiano: Cruna d’ago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Read this with your heart…..

Candles Flame in the Wind by Photos8.com


I am concerned for my friends.

I have heard them declaring :

“I am holier than thou”

and “I am more evolved than you”

” I have greater gifts than you”.

Hey folks?

Where is it written

that we are to compare our gifts

to one another?

I thought our gifts were to help one another?

We came to the planet to learn,

love and be co-creators

with not only the divine spark

in ourselves

but to honour

the divine spark in others.

So could we just take a moment and be supportive of one another?

Stop with the labels.

Stop with the comparisons.

START with the love.

When you read this with your heart…..

could you take a few moments

and send love:

to those who are not

“as holy as you”

not as “gifted” as you

and not as “evolved” as you?


The Heritage of Being His Child


Indigenous children in Ammassalik [Tasiilaq], ...
Indigenous children in Ammassalik [Tasiilaq], Greenland, 1936 (Photo credit: Smithsonian Institution)

Being a child of the Creator

What gift could  there

be  that is Greater?

Boundless freedom.

Unlimited learning.

Eternal security.

Celestial  beauty.

English: Group of children in a primary school...
English: Group of children in a primary school in Paris Español: Niños en una escuela elemental en París Français : Enfants dans une école élémentaire à Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happy joyous and free

Being a child of the Creator

What greater gift could there be?

Sharing this gift with others.

Allowing ALL  His children 

This freedom.

That is a greater gift to me.

That is why

I came to the planet.

To  be of service beneath

the setting sun.

That all might taste this freedom.

That this joy  is shared with everyone. 

Indigenous Children
Indigenous Children (Photo credit: mikecogh)

Gifts from the Creator

Oleander 4 Love
Oleander 4 Love (Photo credit: mRio)

Morning has brought such wondrous joys

The gifts of the Creator with alloy.

Whilst I was sleep

Soul’s secrets were keeping 

Me safe in the Arms of Love.

I thank you Creator

For all of these gifts

Which bring this wee seeker a lift.

Allow me to share them as I go about my day

May I be of service, in thought, in speech, in way.

Morning has brought such wondrous joys

The gifts of the Creator of all…with alloy.