Rose petals in your dreams for Holly and all the women in my life.

Fairy bed with chiffon rose petals

There are petals on your pillow

Rose petals on the floor…

Look over here, dear heart…

I found some more.

Rose petals are lovely,

Any time to view…

But in your dreams

Rose petals  are gift

From my loving you. 

Fairy bed with chiffon rose petals
Fairy bed with chiffon rose petals (Photo credit: Bellafaye)

I am the Crone

Umbrella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sit alone in the rain

wondering if the tears

have made the rain salty

or if the rain

has made the tears

smell like flowers. 

English: An orange cloth umbrella. Français : ...
English: An orange cloth umbrella. Français : Une ombrelle en tissu orange. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come, my darling, sit by the Fire…dedicated to Paula and John

A Couple Having a Meal before a Fireplace

Come,  my darling

Sit by the fire.

Share with me 

Your heart’s desire.

Tell me of your journey Home.

Know that I too, searched and roamed. 

I felt your presence in the pouring rain.

I knew of your love

Tho’ others thought me quite insane. 

I walked with you from that far distant shore.

I have loved you always and forever more. 

I am so glad for times like this…

When we enjoy our wedded bliss. 

How could you not know?




How could you not know?

Basking in the moonlight,

feeling its healing glow.


 You were created perfectly.

How could you not know?  

You were there

before the hands of time,

When I hung the stars in space.

You were there with me

my precious child

before the dawn of grace.

 You were there

in the beginning.  

I formed you from the essence of myself.

 I created you by hand. 

 You are my precious,  wondrous, and   perfect child.

I formed you from the essence of myself.

 I created you by hand. 

Love yourself and your neighbor….that is my only command. 

The abundance dance

English: Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) with vari...
English: Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) with variously colored stems on sale at an outdoor farmers’ market in Rochester, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dill (Photo credit: Sirpale79)

It is early harvest

on the prairies.

Peas are ready.

Dill is high.

Oh the tomatoes, beans,

carrots, beets,  swiss chard

I think I will cry.

The joys of a garden 

Fill me with mirth.

My grandmother said often

“You are closer to God

In the garden

Than anywhere on earth.”

Roses on the wind to my beloved.

rose (Photo credit: alice_ling)
Renoir's painting of cabbage roses, Roses in a...
Renoir's painting of cabbage roses, Roses in a vase (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Replica of a wind rose from a chart of Jorge d...
Replica of a wind rose from a chart of Jorge de Aguiar, 1492. See other versions for the original. Français : Réplique d'une rose des vents extraite d'une carte de Jorge de Aguiar de 1492. Voir l'original dans la section Other version. Português: Réplica de uma rosa-dos-ventos de uma carta de marear de Jorge de Aguiar (1492). Ver original em "Other versions" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Blessings to you

on the evening breeze.

I give thanks

for you

as I bow my knees.

I speak your name

in a silent prayer

knowing love

will guide you there.

I send a kiss

across the miles,

as my heart opens

to send a smile.

I love you

my friend

as this old

month closes.

.As the 

.   new one brings

thoughts of roses.

Alwine`s dance with WahZ

English: Windswept trees somewhere in New Zealand
Image via Wikipedia
Loop off Manawatu River from Te Awahou boardwa...
Image via Wikipedia
English: Cabbage trees (Cordyline australis) a...
Image via Wikipedia

In the quiet of the garden

surrounded by a grove of trees….

(The woman sat in contemplation

One of the doggies by her knees) 

Grew a different kind of breeze.

The sweet doggie`s Master was standing there at ease.

The oriental Masters were  tending to the plants

The Mahanta and his Mrs. were erasing all the “cant’s”

The stand of trees leading out from the house

Began to dance and sing…

It was all the Viaragi Masters

With all the others and the blessings  that they bring.

“You have asked us to be present

To bring answers on the breeze.

We love you dear  Alwine

we are listening to your pleas.

You are not standing alone in this matter.

We are standing in your place.

We are always with you bringing love and grace.“

The garden of love

English: Garden in Bibury. Some folks are fort...
Image via Wikipedia
Love for Arts
Image via Wikipedia


I took  You

into  the garden.

I talked to  You

on the great wooden swing.

I heard You in the robins song.

Entrance pathway to Rose Garden, Temple of Love
Image via Wikipedia

In the laughter of the magpie as he sang along

I saw You in the freedom of the butterfly

The scent on the breeze filled this heart of mine

As I felt Your presence beneath the shelter of the pine

I acknowledged the gift of living in beauty and joy

I give my will to You, Creator of all

Now sitting in silence to hear Spirit’s sweet call.