The Gentle Mud Man is not a mud slinger

The Gentle Mud Man is not a mud slinger

He walks his talk, to me he is a Soul singer. 

He arises early out of bed.

He starts his day when the sun is red.

He brightens the world as he sings his song. 

He shares his love all day long. 

He walks his talk this friend of mine. 

He will make some lucky woman

An all year Valentine. 

I love the laughter in his voice,

He is a friend divine.

When the creator

Called him forth

It was not

a waste of mud.

The Gentle Mud Man

is not a mud slinger

He walks his talk,

to me he is a Soul singer. 

Gratitude for blessings received

Living on the Edge
Living on the Edge

The sun is setting in my day

I am blessed in every way.

The songs of the birds that beg me stay.

The gifts of living in a quiet way.

The loving mercy of good friends.

Oh, my blessings never end. 

My Amazing Friend guest author Mick Casey (Published unedited with thanks)

2nd June 2011

In All Kinds of Everything 3rd Issue – 24th September 2012


My Amazing Friend


When I’m a bit down

When I’m falling apart

A few wards from you

Seems to lifted my spirits


At my weakest moments

I’m reminded that I’m strong

Reminded by you my dear friend


At times I wonder

Do I deserve your friendship?


Everyone who sees you,

Wants to know you

Everyone who knows you,

Always has a smile for you


When you walk into a room

It shines with a special light

Everyone calls you amazing

But to me – you are amazing


When you are not a part of my life

It seems to disappear before my eyes

Without your friendship –

It would be hard to go on


So please don’t stop being you

Cause you are my amazing friend


I would like to thank you

For being such a wonderful friend

You deserve a standing ovation


Mick Casey © 2011 

Thank you note to my friend – for thanksgiving

I have never told you that I love you.

I thought you could see it in my eyes.

I have never dared share feelings.

I did not know how, I realize.

I have never sat secluded.

I have never sat as lovers do.

I have never told you that I love you.

But none the less I do.

I love your feisty spirit

Your quirky little smile.

I love your joy divine.

I love your sense of rhythm

That you see in nature’s face.

I love the way you look after  the Creators children.

I love the way your laughter freely rolls. 

I love your strengths and weaknesses.

I want to learn more about 

Your missions and your goals.

So before another year passes,

this note I had to send.

I love many things about you.

I am glad you are my friend.

Sharing thoughts of the Harvest Moon – Iris Brewster – Guest Author

  • I just told a very dear friend,
    ” The Harvest Full Moon” is a very demanding moon.
    It is demanding because it makes me
    accountable as to what I have sowed.
    What I have nurtured.
    What I have weeded.
    ‘You reap what you sow”
    has a special significance
    and that is why it is so demanding.
    It also offers a cornucopia of the gifts of forgiveness for self and others,
    re-assessing judgments and loving bigger and better.
    I felt this so much today.
    I woke up early and did some work.
     I went to a graveside service for a wonderful woman
    who lived her life in service to her family, Hadassah, and her friends.
    I came home and worked some more.
    I called a dear friend who I knew was depressed
    and we spent a few hours at the beach,
    letting the waves and sand heal all the aches.
    I body surfed for the first time in years and felt pure joy.
    The Harvest Moon is a reminder that joy requires observation.
    It requires the gathering of new seeds to dry and mature.
    For the promise of sowing and reaping is there for us
    till the next Harvest Moon. ♥ IB ♥
    English: harvest moon
    English: harvest moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fire of your love, rekindles my spirit…..dedicated to Daniel Tulleuchen by request.

Fire of love

Heart of fire (Photo credit: mijo-itö)

Your quiet smile

speaks volumes.

Your courtesy,



 are treasures to me.

Your deep sharing

of your compassion

and talent move me deeply.

Your quiet achievements,


and service amaze me.

Hundreds of  lifetimes

we have gotten to know

What we learn


What we may show,

What we may give.

What we may share.

What makes us connected

In  our hearts to joys and burdens bear.

Dear heart,

you are a treasure

I never expected.

Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for teaching me

to be a friend to myself.