If only…….

Performing arts
Performing arts (Photo credit: cynicalview)

If only…

I could hold you  and wipe away the tears

If only…

I could do magic and banish all your fears.

If only…

You could see the beauty that you are

If only…

There was  some joy for you to realize

as you are waiting on the setting sun.

If only…

you could make your peace…

before you go beyond the stars. 

If only…

you were free of your dreaded disease. 


Beauty of the learning storm

Snow in sweden
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Image via Wikipedia
Snow openphoto
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Snow…..so beautiful…now covers the lawn.

Hiding all the fears and joys of yesterday.

It has taken all the memories

in this heart you tread upon.

There are footprints left.

Lessons of life.

Sadness at only learning through strife.

Awh, now the snow covers that too.

Looking forward to the sun to come out…

To dance upon the snowy pine 

To play among

the falling flakes forming drifts.

Contemplating the lessons that come in shifts.

I stand back…..see only the beautiful moment 

Of snow whirling on the lawn. 

Let me be the bridge

Let me be the bridge 

From where you are to where you want to be.

I have stood where you are standing

Now I am happy joyous and free.

Let my experience strength and hope be for you a bridge

Across the valley of your tears and fears.

May I share your darkest moments

With the insight of my years.

May I share with joy and laughter

The trials of my youth.

May I listen to your pains and troubles

When you are ready to hear my truth.

Let me be the bridge dear heart

I understand more than you know…

I am here to be of service

It is of course your choice to go.