Harold Klemp – from his book – The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

HK_largerUnruly Thoughts

Unruly thoughts are the enemy of the individual practicing the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. In contemplation, as the mind responds to different stimuli, thoughts crop up continuously.

Watch these thoughts as they arise. Soon you will be aware of thoughts following so closely one upon another that they resemble a river. Gaze unperturbed at the interminable flow of thoughts as if you were sitting on a riverbank watching the water flow past.

Do not try to stop any thought process at this stage, just rise above it. The effort to stop a thought from arising inevitably creates other thoughts. Leave unshaped any concept or idea which appears; become indifferent to these thoughts, neither trying to stop them nor fall under their influence. Work from the Atman Plane, the Soul region, unconcerned with what the mind has to say or how it acts.

Imagine the mind is like a small child looking with interest at a toy. The mind is nothing more than a small child which sometimes becomes unruly and wants attention. Handle the mind as you would a small child.

This stage is called the first resting place. If you are successful to this point, you will have attained freedom from the mental tyranny of thoughts and be ready for greater spiritual tasks.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Mystical, magical, moon in May with artistry of Jonas Weiss (and quote from Harold Klemp)

May 2015  artistry of Jonas Weiss - note copyright
May 2015 artistry of Jonas Weiss – note copyright

The mystical,  magical,  moon of May

Brings cleansing and joy in your heart to stay.

It comforts the adventuresome, the weary  and the bold, 

 all who listen from young to old. 

The night sky welcomes the wee traveler  home

To whistle, wander, wonder  where’er gratitude roams.

The song the moon sings,  from the Ancient One, 

Beats a tune in the heart  of the traveler till his day is done.

So listen with your heart’s ears and you will hear

A message of love forever clear.

You are my precious child in every way

“I am always with you.”

In your heart to stay.

“I am always with you.”  ~ Harold Klemp shared on http://eckankar.org

Artistry of Jonas Weiss -note copyright
Artistry of Jonas Weiss  please note copyright

Harold Klemp ~ Listening ~ The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

ListeningHarold Klemp -Eckankar.org

When you get out of the habit of listening, the voice of the Inner Master becomes weaker and weaker. Not because he is speaking in a quieter voice, but because you have turned down the volume control on the inner instrument of Soul.

There is a stream of consciousness from the mind that constantly goes through you. Chanting your word or HU keeps the stream pure. People who stop chanting or stop the spiritual exercises can all of a sudden fall into depression and negativity. They don’t know why.

It happens because that stream of consciousness, the play of the mind, has become polluted.

The singing of this sacred prayer song or name of God purifies the thoughts which lead to your actions. It makes for a happier, more harmonious life.

You’ll find by listening more and practicing the spiritual exercises every day that upliftment comes gradually as you are ready for it.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Eckankar book: The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar

A Gift Of Love ~ Niels-Jul Yrvin

A gift of love.1661211_10152001760258074_1633018288_n
Mahanta had gift to give. My mother was at a nursing home. The time was close to her translation. I was alone during the holidays. The nurses said I had a special relationship with my mother and decided to invite me to share the holiday dinner with them.
During dinner the nurses were called out for a minor emergency, and I was alone with about 15 old people. Mahanta guided me to Hans. He was an old blacksmith with worn out shoulders who couldn’t lift his arms. My intuition, the closest communication line with Soul and the Mahanta urged, “Ask him if he is hungry?”
Hans confirmed that he was and I gave him something to eat.
Then Mahanta stepped in again. The words came out of my mouth as if they came from nowhere.
“It must be sad to be so young inside and not be able to lift your arms and eat by yourself.”
He looked me in the eyes and lit up like a spark of God. He filled the room with this light through his loving heart. I looked around and discovered that all the elderly people had heard the words Mahanta shared that night. I felt the strong love of ECK flowing through the room.
Thank you Mahanta for the wonderful gift you shared with me and the “young in Soul” patients in the old people’s home that night.
 Niels-Juls Yrvin is a Cleric in Eckankar who resides in Norway.  His writing appears in the Eckankar Journal and is a guest blogger.
translation – Eckankar’s word for departing this life and going to the next one
Mahanta – eckankar.org
ECK – Holy Spirit – eckankar.org

First Landmarks of Soul Travel ~ Harold Klemp ~ The Spiritual Exercieses of ECK

Harold Klemp ~ eckankar.org
Harold Klemp ~ eckankar.org

One way to leave the body via Soul Travel is to lie down after dinner when you are drowsy. Plan to nap for five minutes, and watch the process of falling asleep. If you try the exercise with your spouse, agree to meet outside the body a few minutes later. Then watch carefully as your mate steps free of the physical body and enters the spiritual one in a burst of radiant light.

One always goes out of the body when he falls asleep, but it is an unconscious act. In Soul Travel, the only difference is that we are trying to get out of the body in full awareness.

The moment Soul leaves the body, It finds Itself in a blue-grey zone near the Physical Plane. This zone is an approach to the Astral Plane. The sensation of moving from the Physical to the Astral body is like slipping through a large iris of mild wind currents; this iris is the Spiritual Eye. Soul enters this neutral zone of blue-grey tones in Its Astral form, a sheath which looks like a thousand sparkling stars.

This buffer zone, or corridor, between the Physical and lower Astral Planes resembles the underground silo of an enormous rocket that is perhaps two hundred feet in diameter and more than two thousand feet deep. The ceiling if this circular pocket is open and may display a brilliant canopy of white light, or you may see a night sky sprinkled with specks of twinkling stars. There may even be a pastoral scene by a river, whose waters murmur their pleasure at life.

Whatever scene is displayed in the opening of the vast ceiling, Soul is drawn toward it at a mighty speed. Most people begin to recall their dreams only after their departure from this launching zone between the two worlds, and after their arrival at a faraway destination on the Astral Plane.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Eckankar book: The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar O

How do you learn about your beauty…?

Was it in the crowded room?

Or whilst visiting a lonely tomb?

Was it in your resilience?

Is it in your letting go?

Is it in the silence?

In the hours of solitude?

When and how did you find your beauty?

It shows in your gratitude!

Mine, I found in the still small voice…which said

I am always with you.  -Harold Klemp

In Its arms I rejoice.