Oh yes, I shall dream of thee again…

dsc00021His soft voice came from behind lips that smiled.

His eyes danced with mine, over centuries and miles.

The deep cedar wood smell of him, awakened memories,

Of many moments in a lifetime and many lifetimes in a moment.

Then darn, I woke up to the sound of the phone.

He was here.

He was real.

But, the phone called me away from his arms.

It called me away from the knowing of his charms.

I scrubbed the floor.

I made the bed.

“I shall dream of you again”

rang through my head.

That night when I returned form the city –

there was the smell of him again,

I could hear his laughter.

I cried in delight when I saw

a single red rose on my pillow.

Often, the Sunlight of the Spirit caresses Soul in the dream state to prepare it for the loving moments on their way.  And, just as often, the loving moments remembered.

Art of Spiritual Dreaming ~ Harold Klemp ~ Tip: How to Interpret Your Dreams

Tip: How to Interpret Your Dreams

Harold Klemp - eckankar.org
Harold Klemp – eckankar.org

Remember that dreams have a meaning at the human, emotional, causal, mental, subconscious, and spiritual levels. They correspond to the six planes of existence — the Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric, and Soul Planes. Each deals with a part of you, and each of your dream comes mainly from one of these areas.

Keep the interpretation simple. Look at each dream in one of three levels. Is the dream about your daily life, your emotions and thoughts, or about the pure spiritual side, your relationship with God?

Here, then, are a few tips:

1.Dream — get plenty of rest for a few days. Then go to sleep with the intention of remembering some of the places you visit while your human self lies sleeping (It helps to write the dreams down as soon as you awaken.)
2.Interpret your dreams — ask the Dream Master (my inner self) to let you see each dream on three levels: the daily, the emotional/ mental, and the spiritual.
3.Realize your dreams — take the dream lessons and apply them to your everyday life.
— Harold Klemp,
The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, page 185

When I…with photo artistry Gabriel Corno

If I could touch your hands, I would no longer need words.

Artwork by Gabriel Corno

When I, in dreams,  touch your hand, my heart fills with so much joy. My eyes leak. Soul dances. As,  I laugh at the long-awaited-trip to love’s true home. Just one more thing, dear heart, thank you for being.  I see your sparkling love lighting my pathway. I feel your touch in every moment of my life.   Your love, friendship,compassion, companionship…make my life worth the trip. I re-incarnate every night in dreams.   The only thing that is ever left over,  from the day before, is the dishes. 

Song of the Crone (to the Creator`s children)


May the love

of a hundred lifetimes

Hold you

 caress you as you dream.

May all the joys

you have given others

Be returned to you

a thousand fold

Whilst you

are making dreams 

come true for others

From your  loving

heart of gold.

May you walk

in the Sunlight of the Spirit.

May you dance in rain.

May the joys

of a thousand rainbows

Be yours

time and time again. 

May you discover

the secrets

that are hidden

In every rock, tree and flower.

May you know

you walk on holy ground 

Each and every hour.

May you honour

your commitments.

May you love

with all your might.

May you “gift”

 your ears in


to others

Who are crying in the night.

May you take

each rose bud

treasure it

 give it love

 release it  

upon the wind.

Do all

these things

in the name

of the Creator 

My darling little child.

You then  will have a life

giving  praise 

To all you meet.

Then at the closing

of your days

You can

walk on humble feet. 

Sunlight Reflections

Dream Characters ~ Harold Klemp ~ The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Dream Characters

Human characters play leading parts in most dreams. They are often people who are close to us in everyday life. In many cases, they represent other things than themselves.

Most dreamers can learn their own feelings or thoughts about a person by studying what the dream character does or says.

If you wish to use this technique, write down not only the dream upon awakening but also your thoughts and feelings about it and the people you encountered.

Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar Online Bookstore

Beloved Friend

purple rose of cairo


Of all the husbands I ever chose
You are as rare as a purple rose.
Your voice excites me.
Your mind makes
My heart unfurl
Entrances me.
When I dream of
(and I do by the hour)
There is a great
Roaring fire
Your friends gather round
What a beautiful sound.
You talk there for hours.
There is music and laughter
Love in your voice.
I am joyful you are in my life
Thinking of you gives my day
A magical start
Did you know
Your way of life
Opens up Soul?
Having you for a friend,
My beloved,
Gives me a glow.

Mary Helen Ferris