Fran Blackwell Awareness No Surprises (Unedited…received and shared with love)



October 16, 2013 at 6:36am19840_1351531873385_2010256_n

No Surprises


Ending forgot the Beginning,

the endless be less what ness in the

beginning to see the light before

darkness sets, in the beginning


all things co existed within the

experimental element of the surprise of the ages,

ageless positions placement without judgment,

in the way critical conclusions are lost in the shuffle,

and nobody is home, no lights are on,cutting corners,

ideas cornered like a rat on a sinking ship, moving in

shipping lanes collision course of course,

no sunshine when I’m gone, and I am gone so long.

Everyday, in shadows tattooing images


from the dark side of the moon,standing room only,

understanding the risk of overwhelming possibilities,

which are out standing, waiting for surprise to jump out

of the bag grabbing for the attention deficit well-ordered,


for life is full of surprises, and just when we think we know,

whatever, we find ourselves so surprised to discover we know nothing.

The hit or miss journey of trial and error leads one down many

byways that force us to see the good and the beautiful

just for survival sake….otherwise one could go mad


and there have been times when the senselessness of life

drives one into the safety of madness, taking a time out,

the path of least resistance surprises one into reality,

which is making sense of the experiences one finds oneself in,

lost in the wondering, a boat without an oar, up the creek without a paddle,

to paddle our way to freedom…

What a mess “my will” gets me into…


Soul is left to its own devices,surprising itself as the Heart

awakens to an old song sang true, heard anew…..beckons

Soul into the Light and Sound of Love, and it knows

God can and will surprise the heck out of it

leaving only the pristine beauty of

the Majesty of Soul…


Now comes the test of acceptance, of believing in the

greatness of Soul, for the residue of the learning element

of surprise, leaves an imprint of unworthiness,

lurking in the shadows trying to convince you

that the shadow worlds in which the heart was held captive,

is the real you, till Soul rises triumphant as it holds the shield of truth….


God Loves Me…God Loves Me!!!!!!!!

It comes first as a surprise, and suddenly the

transformation begins and a Champion of Divine Love

is born out of all the experiences endured in Its Sacred Journey,

filled with experiences of hardships,and ghost dances,

all the sorrow, the joy, the utter exhaustion, compel Soul onward,

constantly leading Soul to this moment,this moment of knowing,

there is no past, no future, only this moment, this now….

and all that was, or is, or will be is here, now………


Wings of Spiritual Divinity dress Soul

with garments of love and strength,

for the journey into the Heart of God begins

this moment, and Soul finds it is no surprise,

to realize when God wants Soul, ITS Will be done…

by any and all means necessary,

for all is Love, Love is All19840_1351531873385_2010256_n