It was his eyes…dedicated to Tata (from her children and her children’s children)

It was his eyes

They were too full of fire.

They were other worldly wise.

It was his smile

Which filled her with such desire

It said so much.Snapshot_20111001_1

It was his laughter

Thrilling her to the depths of her being

It was his purpose

To drive her wild.

He stole her heart

Her first great-grand-child.

Oh, yes definitely

It was his eyes.

This poem is now dedicated and used only with permission until Tata receives it…


Symbols of longing

Forest Path
Image by jamminjulia via Flickr

Steps through the forest

Path through the forest
Image by EssjayNZ via Flickr

The long journey 

The desire for a lover

The beauty in the stars

The laughter of friends

The wild rabbit on the lawn

The day shared with family

All beautiful symbols of Soul’s longing for God.

I long to sit and twitter

I long to sit and twitter

Like the chickadee.

Oh to sing my dee-dee song.

For all eternity.

I want to live among the branches.

I want to fly upon the breeze.

I long to sit and twitter

Like the chickadee.

He has no worries.

He has no cares.

He sings his song all morning.

He ends at evening prayers.

His song is a gift of praise.

His life brings joy to all.

I long to sit and twitter

Listening to the Master’s call.

Oh to be in Love Again

Oh , to be in love again

My heart sings this sweet refrain.

Oh  to take and feel very deeply

To dance and rejoice with no fear of pain.  

I want to give the caresses

I want to gamble it all.

I want to feel again.

But for now, I am locked inside my body

I cannot express.

I cannot touch.

Oh, I want to be in love again.

Yes, I want that very much.