Reach out…

Colin Hall
Colin Hall

I watch

as the writer

reaches for the quill, 

as the artist uses colour

and hones their skill.

I seek to learn

as the musician

strokes the right key

I wonder in amazement of all the harmony. 

All of nature begins to unfold

in the morning majestic sunrise

or in the evening’s reds and golds.

I am fulfilled in joyous gratitude

as the love of the Creator fills my life.

I reach out to another

to walk with them through strife.

I reach inward now to give thanks

at the end of my days

To live in loving service to share the love in praise.

MaryHelen Feris   Jasper National Park  2008
MaryHelen Ferris  Jasper National Park 2008

The cleansing of the river…for ECK New Year

artistry of Colin Hall
artistry of Colin Hall

The cleansing of the river…

forever, calls me Home.

Home to the river.

It is my sanctuary.

No need to roam.

I must go down to the river…

the poet wrote…

To the lonely sea and the sky…wrote another.

We are all called to the river.

There is no reason to ask why.

When beneath its water I am blessed

Cleansed, renewed, refreshed

With no more forgetfulness.

I remember by  the river.

I renew in the river.

The river takes me Home.

Colin Hall
Colin Hall

What now?

Colin Hall shares his talent at
Colin Hall shares his talent at

What now?

I would like to be at perfect peace….

perhaps for just a moment.

What now?

I have some chores to do, appointments to keep,

I do not have time to put healing first.

What now?

I am to surrender?

Right now?

I am to get out of Soul’s way

and breathe in the Sunlight of the Spirit?

Oh, this feels good.

This feels calm and right.

Oh, I do not know why I fought it.

Thank you, Creator,  for helping me

To sit still and wait for the “What now?

Poetess in the mountain trees  Banff National Park Canada - photo credit SOnny Alfredo Galea
Poetess in the mountain trees Banff National Park Canada – photo credit Sonny Alfredo Galea Sept 2008

Stretching exercises for Soul

  1. Colin Hall
    Colin Hall



Did you give thanks for your blessings?


Did you smile in gratitude that you are able to breathe, walk, talk, listen and laugh?


Did you make love to a cloud, bird, leaf, rock, tree, flower, critter or person?


Did you stand up for yourself today?  

Did you anonymously support someone today?   

Colin Hall
Colin Hall