Guest author Carl DeVilbiss shares link and review of his books

“Practical Wisdom for Loss and Renewal”

“Author Carl DeVilbiss shares deep practical wisdom in this wonderful book. It’s easy-to-access and understand, full of apt anecdotes and personal stories. I like how the book is set up. He addresses a range of topics which anyone experiencing loss of any kind will find helpful and relevant. It unfolds well when read from start to finish, yet each topic stands alone and the reader may easily navigate as s/he wishes. The theme of learning more productive and cooperative ways to traverse the journey of loss and renewal is beautifully expressed in the exploration of each topic. The writing is spare and clear, as one might expect from a Naval Engineer and business consultant. And it’s also hopeful and wise, as one might expect from well, Yoda. Highly recommended.”

– Kanta Bosniak