Sitting on the front porch….talking to God

Today is the kind of day

That you wait for all winter.

The kind of  summer day

 when the clouds

come out to play…

When time  stands still.

When you can stop

for a moment to

listen to His Will. 

When you sit on

the front porch swing

Not doing a

“blessed thing.` 

Sitting on the front porch 

All of nature joins in to sing…

Talking to God. 

Bees are buzzing.

Butterflies dipping and weaving,

 humming birds fluttering by.

Clouds are dancing across the sky

Birds are singing.

The babbling comes

from the baby and the brook

Life is so so good

It is worth a second look.

Sitting and swinging

on the front porch

talking with God.

Front porch and swing.

Oh Time, where did you go?

a Butterfly in the flower.
a Butterfly in the flower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.
English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ranunculus repens - Kruipende boterbloem
Ranunculus repens – Kruipende boterbloem (Photo credit: AnneTanne)
English: Buttercups ((Ranunculus repens) A fie...
English: Buttercups ((Ranunculus repens) A field of yellow between the Erewash and Nottingham canals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Persian buttercup blooming outside Conservator...
Persian buttercup blooming outside Conservatory of Flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh Time, where did you go?

One moment

I am  playing in the woodpile

behind Uncle Quentin’s shed:

Chasing butterflies

Putting buttercups under my chin

Smelling the new mown hay.

The next moment, 

or so it seems,

I am an Elder

listening to 

a young woman’s dreams. 

Oh, Time,

where did you go?

I sit

and watch

the breeze in the trees.

Wind flowing

through me.

I am at ease.



I come back 

into my body

I wonder

“Time, Where did you go?”