What offering may I bring?

Diamonds (Photo credit: qthomasbower)

What offering

may I bring

to a table laden

with everything?

What song?

What voice?

What mood?

What choice

of gifts

may I offer

to thee this hour

(My Guide,

my Source,

my Higher Power)?

 What kind of service

would be enough

to show you the love,

the gratitude

and all that stuff?

I know.

I will be

my authentic 

true  myself.

I will place

the cares

and burdens on a shelf

into thy Hands.

I will stop

making huge demands…

of myself and others.

I will stop

doing things

that makes

love smother.

I will serve

by being open

to the



which flows.

It is available

in abundance…

Goodness knows. 

That is

the highest

and best

I can bring.

I bring myself.

I dedicate


my thoughts, 

my actions, 

my love, and 

my voice.

May I be

guided by

Thy will,

Thy Love,

Thy choice.

Love and joy

are what makes


heart sings. 

Soul is in no


It will teach me

at Its own pace.

I will stop

getting in  the way of Spirit.

I will surrender

to the Voice as I hear it.

I will not resist

when You give me the nudge.

My ego has been running

the whole show.

It is time for surrendering.

It is time for letting go.

This is the offering

That I bring.

I feel the shift starting.

I am able to sing. 


Loners on the Trail….

The listener walks alone
She who walks alone is listening

She who walks alone….carries others in her heart.

She shows them all the music, the place they can part.

Part with all the burdens, that keep them bound to earth.

Part with all worries, join in the laughter and the mirth.

She who walks alone….carries tears in buckets to the river of life.

The river flows, giving, nuturing, tending to the needs of all along the river.

She who walks alone, sings songs into the wind.

Songs that gladden many a heart, teaches them they can win.

They too can walk alone.

Walk the narrow way.

Go with in your very heart….

Within your path you’ll stay.

There is no one who knows the reason for her song.

She just sings it.

All ways and always.

The tears they come along.

The mix of joy and sorrow balance out her day….

She who walks alone…places you carefully within her heart…

Within her heart you can stay.

Come and sit by the fireside.

Come and drink from the well.

She who walks alone….listens to the stories you tell.

That is where she gets her paintings,

That is where she gets her song…

It is in your joys and struggles…

She is glad you came along.

The gate to the garden is open.

There is fire in the grate.

There is always time to listen….

She who walks alone will not make you wait.

She who walks alone is grandmother to all.

Bears worth bearing

Bears worth bearing
Bears worth bearing

Photo Courtesy Sonny Galea Jasper National Park, Canada Sept 1, 2008

There are bears worth bearing

That do not hide in trees.

The bears worth bearing hide in you and me.

They are our emotions,

Our thoughts and desires.

They are the dreams

Hatched in front of a fire.

They hibernate.

They ruminate.

Then one day they break free.

They manifest.

These are the bears

worth bearing.

They are the freedoms in you and me.

I will be there for you.

You have been there for me.

As instructed long ago

“Bear ye one another’s burdens”.

But we have longed to know more

We share each other’s dreams and goals.

We learn to go with the flow.