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I play this game to learn   http://www.empireavenue.com/  to heal and to help.  After my last stroke I needed a friend  and direction.  As always for me,  Cendrine gave me an idea. (Along with her compassion and friendship).  Join empireavenue.com she said.  I did.  I am healing, walking and learning.

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Blessings abound with the Light and Sound. Thanks for being in my Life.. I am a hermit who likes people. Here to learn.. My writing helps me grow. ((greatpoetrymhf.wordpress.com))


Counting blessings as I surrender

Blessings Oil on Canvas mhf

Oh,  the mountain peaks which
I have left behind.

Oh,  the joys of the momentThey fill my mind.

Oh, the echoes of the song birdsAs they gather to sing and play.

Oh, the gratitude for your LoveLeaves me joyous as it fills

All my very being.

Oh, the happy tears which flow

At all the joys I am seeing.

I am enraptured with thy love

As I surrender to thy Will.


Top centre artwork   Blessings in Oils on Canvas    MaryHelen Ferris

Bottom centre photo  Rocks and Roses                     MaryHelen Ferris

Gathering in for the storm….

Homemade bread
Homemade bread (Photo credit: beatneko)
Severe Weather Bulletin issued by Environment Canada at 3:37 PM MST Thursday 10 January 2013. ——————————————————————— Watches/warnings in effect for southern Alberta… Snowfall warning for: Medicine Hat – Bow Island – Suffield Cypress Hills Provincial Park – Foremost Lethbridge – Taber – Milk River Cardston – Fort Macleod – Magrath crowsnest pass – Pincher creek – Waterton lakes Nat. Park. Heavy snowfall and localized blowing snow tonight.——————————————————————— ==Discussion== an intense low pressure system moving through Montana has spread heavy snowfall into southern Alberta today. Gusty north winds continue to reduce visibility in blowing snow in some areas. The gusty winds will diminish this evening. 5 to 13 centimetres of snow has fallen this afternoon through most of southern Alberta. An additional 10 centimetres can be expected in the eastern portions overnight, with only 5 to 10 centimetres expected west of lethbridge to the foothills. The heaviest snowfall is expected to be near the Cypress hills and closer to the Saskatchewan border. The snow is expected to taper off Friday morning.

The blizzard comes on “sneaky feet”,

with wind snow, ice,  and sleet.

One more last run to gather in,

all the ingredients for the bin.

Shoveling the walk does not last,

we have to wait till the storm is past.

 The freezer now full with filling meals, …

safe and warm is how it feels.

Now to cozy up the house with wondrous smells, 

I am making bread so “all will be well”. 

Welcome to my sanctuary…….revised at 6:58 pm

Thank you for the love Come sit a spell

Top photo taken later when the sun was  setting the West…….my company today was the Sunlight of the Spirit.

Welcome to my world,

won’t you come on in…..

Jim Reeves sang

when I was a traveler always on the road.

Now I have a sanctuary,

a place to dream,

to gather,

to write,

to contemplate

my blessings

to welcome you out of the cold. 

Blessings abound with the Light and Sound

Thank you to the trees, merci beacoup, danke schoen…….

Trees are my sanctuary
"The Favorite" - Grandfather and Gra...
“The Favorite” – Grandfather and Grandson – “Ο Αγαπημένος του Παππού” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a young child I helped my grandfather, “Pup, “

peel pulp to help him clear the land to farm.

 A lumberjack, he fed his family and taught me the secrets of the woods. 

We would walk with a bucket ( which held our lunch) on a  pole to the tree that would give its life, shed its skin and build a home. 

I was restless.   I wanted to get at the chopping and get home to play with the cat.

Grandfather was not.

He wanted to take his time to find the right tree, to talk to it a while.

He wanted the tree to know how it would be used.

How it would shelter the new family.

(His son was   going to live down the hill on his land…across the buck-board lane from the church.)

When he was ready, Grandfather would pull on his nose and say “Now git.” to ensure the children were out-of-the-way.

That was the best part of the day.

Watching Grandfather work.

Watching the bits of clouds that showed above the cathedral of trees.

Watching the butterflies.

Watching the deer.

Smelling the forest.

Sitting on the moss.

Wondering why the ants were always in a hurry.

After, when the tree had fallen to earth…and the limbs cut off…my work began.

I would take off the bark.

Honestly, I do not recall how I managed to do that.

To lift the bark and not mark up the  tree

who would be pristine without blemish

for the new home for my Uncle and his family.

I do remember the smells of the pitch on my hands.

How the pitch made my cheese and homemade bread sandwich taste

better than any served at the table.

(Now that was going some.  

Grandmother, “Nanna” had the very best cooking in all of King’s Clear, New Brunswick.)

How Grandfather would laugh at how hard I would work all week for that King George the V big penny.

Jump ahead 60 years.

I thank the trees for all the paper products that provide creature comforts to a body that refuses to age.

In contemplation, I was focusing on the trees.

I think if Grandfather had told a tree how it would be used today,

I think trees would refuse to fall.

Let us be mindful of the beauty, the benefits and the building of our lives that trees were meant to be.

I thank you trees…and Grandfather….for helping me to be aware that I can build a temple out of  the lumber of my life…not a tavern.

(with thanks to Edna St. Vincent Milay for her poem….How do I love thee…)

Thank you to the trees in my yard.   The large pine, the juniper and apple….and oh the lilacs.

Thank you Creator of All, Mahanta, for this day, its blessings and especially the trees.

A Blessing

Two Rainbows at Dusk in Denmark.
Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia
Sunlight (Photo credit: Dave Stokes)
The Dell, Port Sunlight, Wirral, Merseyside, E...
Image via Wikipedia

A Blessing……

for you

dear heart…




of the Spirit

Make Rainbows

where you walk.-mhf –

(Buffalos Blessings)