The miracle is waiting…art work by Colin Hall

How often I have heard1508565_523165791115493_1707556079_n nuce

I am waiting for a miracle?

What if, the miracle is already here?

Just waiting…for you to be aware of it.

Just waiting…for you to discover it.

Just waiting…for you to accept it.

Just waiting….for you

to take the action to help make it happen.

Just waiting…for you to surrender and find it.

The miracle is waiting.

 Deep within you to be found. 

1461212_523134607785278_115724229_n nuce 2Miracles are not around the corner.  

Not over the next bridge.  

Miracles are within you.

 Bring it on.

 Bring it forward.

I do not believe in miracles.  

I depend on them. 


Winner wonderland…artistry by Colin Hall


There is a battle raging

within the physical body  with the  cold.

1469897_517979288300810_78784646_n (1)ch

Where the dreams of tomorrow

meet the with the challenges of old.

I am hiding out in the mountains….

until the healing comes.

I am buried under the snowbank….

basking in the sun.

“I am always in the learning from the cosmic sea.

1461381_512809568817782_138859729_nI am always with you“*

*quote from Harold Klemp

....are the Creator`s words to me.

So although the mind wants to read

the title of this poem,

as winter wonderland…

I need it to read Winner wonderland,

as I delight in my Journey home.

993748_515  CH 1235


Upon awakening


Upon awakening

I give thanks for:

each new breath

restful slumber

incredible dream teachings

Your loving presence. 

In dedication I surrender:

My thoughts to your beauty

My eyes to your praise

My lips to  kind encouragement

In poems or a phrase.

My heart in consecration.

My hands and feet in service.

My very being in love.

My ears in listening

To the Voice

On the Wind.

My going out and my coming in

are dedicated to 


Of the lost and lonely on the trail

Of the weary heart who longs to fail

Of the seeker (just like me)

Who longs to serve and be set free.


The healing storm

Lighthouse storm

The storm is raging deep within.

How can I surrender to it

and not somehow win?

The anger is passed.  

The lesson learned.  

All along it was love I spurned.

 Love for the Creator.

Love for self.

Love through service.

All of the love from ages past,

Was just waiting on the shelf.  

How discomforting was the noise !

How deep the divine discontent !

The longer the healing storm raged

the deeper in love I went.

Deep inside against my will.

Deeper yet to find You still

Waiting, whispering above the storm.

“You are safe my Child

My love will keep you warm.” 

Then the glowing, tingling,  healing  silence.

So much love one could almost hear it.

 The silence now moves me so.

 I can feel the healing storms tentacles

 reaching me, teaching me….

“re-membering” and connecting  me to all I know. 

NightSky (Photo credit: Shalaco)

From the essence of myself……

Popcorn flower with dewdrops
Popcorn flower with dewdrops (Photo credit: stevelewalready)

You my precious child are meant to be free

and slightly wild….

no chained up gates for you awaits.  

I want you to be free to explore, examine and inspect.

  I want you to know, love, honour and respect.  

Respect the rock and tree and flower…

all are from the essence of myself…

your loving Higher Power

How could you not know?




How could you not know?

Basking in the moonlight,

feeling its healing glow.


 You were created perfectly.

How could you not know?  

You were there

before the hands of time,

When I hung the stars in space.

You were there with me

my precious child

before the dawn of grace.

 You were there

in the beginning.  

I formed you from the essence of myself.

 I created you by hand. 

 You are my precious,  wondrous, and   perfect child.

I formed you from the essence of myself.

 I created you by hand. 

Love yourself and your neighbor….that is my only command. 

Meet Pam Ellis (I am glad I did)

I’m Pam Ellis

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I offer the service

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My mission:

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Greatpoetrymhf  (Mary Helen Ferris) note:
Approaching my seventies, I have had several physical challenges which I presented to Pam Ellis in casual conversation.  We talked over a number of weeks and as I began to practice my own exercises with Pam’s suggestions, I noticed a change.
 I have introduced a daily routine of my own spiritual exercises, using a great mineral water, and taking the baby steps Pam lovingly suggested.  With thanks to Source, Ormus, and the gentle guidance of Pam Ellis….(whom I believe is guided by Source) I have succeeded in many ways.
I have experienced the following changes.
  1. I am caffeine free.  Those who know me, know this a HUGE change.  I have been hard-wired to coffee and cola for years.
  2. My energy is focused more on joy and service than on my “growing pains” of the past.
  3. I am alcohol, tobacco, drug and bubble gum free….. this prior to learning with Pam.  So to be coffee free is HUGE.  My experience with her has empowered my previous addiction related concerns.
  4. My speech pattern which was interrupted by my stroke, has returned with laughter and an ability to speak my truth.
  5. I am in touch with my emotions….I acknowledge them.   They do not run my life.  I cry, laugh and speak with joy.
  6. I am back at school.
  7. I am happy, joyous, and free.
  8. I personally recommend, that you take the opportunity to contact Pam Ellis 403 331 0054 for a gratis 30 minute session.

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Thank you so much Pam Ellis for allowing me to use my personal blog to introduce you to my world and my whirl.
Two of my friends, who are enrolled in your courses, are changing with life as never before.
Blessings to you in your work, and blessings to all my contributors, readers, and my “encouragers” on my wee blog.
Thank you Source for the renewals in my life.

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