Long weekend longs.

1192605d-b8de-4922-afc0-781c918d9ebfThe rain reigns.

The wind winds.

The rock rocks.

The pine pines.

The twine twines.

The boot boots.

The signal signals.

The rain reigns.

The wind winds.

Tree treasures – Photo MaryHelen Ferris   Jasper National Park   Sept 2008


In the land beyond the River…


Photo art via Colin Hall  of  British Columbia,  Canada

Beyond the sweet forever, 

In the land

beyond the River…

We shall  gather

to greet 

our beloveds

and  our Friends

In the land of endless day

Where love does

have Its say.

We will be

together once again

where the loving never ends.

Knowing this does

 fill the heart.

When the time comes

for Soul to depart. 

In the interim,  

it is comforting to know

How the Sunlight of the Spirit

has a constant loving flow

Guiding  all of us here

as we scurry to and fro. 

How the inner

deep connection

Is renewed

through deep reflection; 

As the angels and teachers

guide us through

the dark nights and  the snow. 

We walk together, 

through the Valley

With Spirit as our rally.

To the land beyond the River, 

Beyond the sweet forever, 

Allowing the tears to flow.

As we  for the last time,

kiss the brow

Of the beloved

who is leaving now.

We rally round

the golden hearted

Sending  love

with a single song.

We are standing

with you dear heart

As you go with them

to the water’s edge

When the time comes

for Soul to depart. 

These are the things

we know together

We can handle the

storms and weather

Because of Source ,

so full of Love

Beaming from

Its Golden Heart. 

Standing with you

always and in all ways

In the Journey

to forever

and the land beyond the River. 


 Art work Jim Warren


A healing day in the mountains…Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

A day in the mountainsMy whole world was in chaos. Both my parents died within 60 days of each other.  It was the second long weekend since.  I felt lost.  I was a drunk – in recovery – so I called my sponsor.  He said he had some errands to do…did I want to tag along.  I jumped at the chance.  

Anything to get away from the terror raging inside me.

He was a hobby photographer and always needing extra gas so he could go to the mountains to take his photos.   I suggested while we were doing the errands that we go for coffee….to Jasper National Park.

Road trips when you live in the  northern part of Alberta are a common thing.  So I made a couple of phone calls to folks who would miss me for dinner and off we went.

That was the first day I held a camera to use myself.   I had assisted many photographers on shoots as I am always wanting to learn.

We went to the mountains.  We were  gone for almost three days and I had held four cameras throughout the trip.

The photo is one of my favorites from that day.

Salute 2 Threza (with links to her music and poetry)

Here is Threza

Threza is a singer/songwriter residing in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  She wrote:

I am living proof that it is possible to make your musical dreams come

true regardless of age or circumstance.  I am entering the music scene

after raising four children as a single mother.  

In fact, I had already been a grandmother for two years before I released my first CD!

My life experiences in love and loss and hope and healing are the fabric of my music.  The style of my music has a distinctive flavor and it’s difficult to categorize, though you might say it’s pop/folk/singer-songwriter.  My original songs share a universal understanding and emotional depth that appeal to a wide range of age groups.


#Granniegram’s Greeting includes video and poll


Miracles In Your LIfe

Good morning


friends divine

Thanks for the

in filling

of love  and gratitude

with  all of its

blessings in

this heart of mine.


for your Grace.


to you

dear hearts

from a wonderful space.

My heart is soaring

dancing in place.

I am blessed

by your friendship

by the smile on your face.

I am glad

we came to be


in this HU**-man race.  

Now, lets take a moment….

not race, not run,

not jump-up-and-down

on the spot

nor worry and pace..

 Let’s just be filled

with the wonder

of children

in our hearts

happy joyous and free.

Let us give thanks

for our blessings

Let us walk with WahZ.*

Thanks dear hearts

I am sending you love

Share it with others

 when you are ready

that would mean a lot.

*WahZ  (the spiritual name of my teacher) The Wayshower.

To learn more about my chosen Higher Power see eckankar.org

** HU  Miracles In Your LIfe


Hey! greatpoetrymhf is on National Television CTV Lethbridge thank you all who voted


Interview for Mary Helen Ferris starts at 4:37 runs to 5:38  CTV Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

with special thanks to Brendan Miller, cameraman, reporter, leprechaun 

http://wp.me/paK5s-5FM Sewing for Kids

I would like to thank all those who voted for me.

 Rami Kantari,  http://meirc.multiply.com/journal/item/853/Rami-Kantari-LinkedIn for the nomination.

I established rank of 20th  internationally in the competition.

 The more awareness about my writing, the more I sell, the more ble$$ing$ go to Sewing for Kids.

Outward bound

Greyhound, Black and White

Traveling out on Greyhound today?

No need to worry fuss or wait.

Service with a smile, you’ll get

With Miss Vickie at the gate. 

After a midnight departure out of Grande Prairie, Alberta…..weary travelers are pampered at Calgary Alberta by the kindness of the security and customer relations department.   I was blessed to be one of those.  A 17 hour bus ride is a serenity tester for most anyone, let alone a senior laden with gifts from the north. Customer service, heart driven, is so appreciated and quite rare. 

From the portal of my heart a thank you

Southern Alberta Sunset


My wee portal to the world,


has had 64,018 views

which includes reblogs, guest authors

and things of interest. 

I am sitting at a laptop,

with the winter weather

-16C in Southern Alberta Canada

with this gift

which takes to me

tropical climates,

 incredible art.

 This wee blog is 

a place to share

what is  in my heart.   

I thank you. 

Heart Mountain, Alberta, Canada