Acceptance Page 417 Alcoholics Anonymous (4th edition)

From wine to rosesAnd,


is the







When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation—some fact of my life—unacceptable to me, and I can find not serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Notherin, absolutely nothing, happens in God’s world by mistake.  Until I could accept my alcoholism, I could not stay sober: unless I accept life completely on life’s terms, I cannot be happy.  I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in my and in my attitudes.



For the days…

Puzzle Box & Ring

For the days,

I feel I cannot win

Help me

face it with a grin.

For the days,

I cannot talk

Help me

   let my spirit sing. 

For the days,

I cannot walk

Help me

accept the healing

 in “life’s boxing ring”. 

For the days,

I do not see the prize

Help me  

know the lesson

will make me wise.

For the days,

I do not

 listen to thy voice

Help me

to remember

the decision

was my choice.

For the days,

I cannot

see the beauty

Help me

to do

the next right thing

with loving duty.

For the days,

the sun does not shine

Help me

to remember

I am forever thine. 

For the days,

I cannot sing

Help me

see your presence

in everything.

For the days 

I have no grattitude

Help me

adjust my attitude. 

For the days, 

my faith does swerve

Help me 

to remember

to love

is to serve. 

For the days

I am lost

in my addiction

Help me


Your love is truth

not fiction.

For the days

I am judging another

Help me


This mirror

is my brother. 

For the days

I am lost and broken

Help me 


“I am always with you.”

Are words

you have spoken. 

Oh, how I long to be free……..

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Oh how I long to be free

Of the “rage-aholic

that is hiding in me.

I can see your faults..

(I am perfect you know).

I just want to love you.

How I don’t know.

However, your

unacceptable actions

I allow

to get me out of control.

You should know this

You are too good a mirror

you help me to see.

I have a raging

“rage-alolic” hiding in me.

I want to surrender.

I want to let go.

But,  if I do not accept that I love  you, 

I will have to let you go.

‘Let Go and Let God ‘

Is what the teacher  teaches.

So why am wanting

to greet you with screeches?

This raging rage-alholic is driving me mad.

I only need to surrender.

I know that.

You know what is so sad?

For the moment

I want to walk in the darkness

Scream right in your face.

In the same moment

I long for your embrace. 

I will surrender

to the Creator’s sweet grace.

I need to forgive myself .

I need to be free.

Of the raging “rage-aholic”

The one no longer hiding in me.

Open heart, loving thoughts, joyous days

Italiano: Nubi al tramonto. English: Clouds at...
Italiano: Nubi al tramonto. English: Clouds at sunset. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Red sky at night, sailor's/shepherd's delight.
Red sky at night, sailor's/shepherd's delight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Clouds during sunset over Fürth
Clouds during sunset over Fürth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The gratitude I feel in this moment.

The joy for the miracles received

The blessings that keep my heart beating

Are more than the mind could perceive

When locked in the prison of addiction, doubt and fear

I could hardly belive in the Creator

Or a Higher Power was not very clear

Then the miracle happened

My recovery began to kick in.

I could face the day with a grin.

I was working more now on the discovery

Not wallowing on the places I had been

I could practice the Presence of the Creator

I could learn to get up when I fall

I knew that I was no longer walking alone

Love was there at my beck and call

The years have slowly built now

From so many “One day at time’s”

There now I will admit it

There is now one addiction still mine.

I am addicted to laughter,

to the joy of the Sunlight of the Spirit on my face.

I am addicted to gratitude,

quiet moments of each thing in its place.

The Journey….revisited.

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The Journey

January 22, 2008 by greatpoetrymhf | Edit

I knew in a moment,

it just had to be true

There was more to life

than just me and you.

What was the meaning?

How would I know?

Did this life have a purpose?

I had to find out.
Who would I ask?

 Where would I go?

Was there someone

who knew how it flowed?

I looked in a bottle.

I looked in the drug.

All that I felt then was that I was a slug.

My Journey took me

at a break neck speed.
Not words of caution,

no one, did I heed.
The highways,

the byways,

the “wages of sin”:
They all called to me.

They all lured me in.

I knew then

that I would spiral down.

I hit the bottom.

There was no prize, no crown.

I was at my lowest.

There was nowhere to go.

I thought “What the hell, I could always pray.”

Did not know if God existed.

Where could He be?

What would I say?

In that moment,

I surrendered I said (on my knees)

God if you exist…

“God, if you’re listening…

I need help please.”

There was no crash

of  lightening

 no thunder roar.

A still small Voice said,


to the Shore.


for My Hand.

I will teach

you more.

You are my precious Child

I welcome you Home.

You can release the addiction.

Just bow your head.

Believe that this Journey

has brought you to Me.

You have been

looking searching,

You just couldn’t see

 I created you.

I loved you more.

I was always within you.

Your hunger,

your thirst

was always for Me.”

I was crying

and laughing .

I was set free

It just couldn’t be.

There was Someone who loved me

I had searched by the hour.
He had always been there…
It was my Higher Power.
((So, if on your Journey
You need to find rest
Take a look for the 12 Steps,
“Recovery” its called
You will truly be blessed)).

-mhf   Revisited January 17th, 13:56 with -39C and snow……

I hate addiction

I hate my addiction.

I hate my addictive behaviours.

I hate my addictive thinking.

I love my recovery.

I love my discovery.

I love me.

These changes were brought to me by my

HIgher Power, my 12 Step Program,

by working the Steps.

by being ragged on by my Sponsor

and through the awareness of my sponsee.

Thanks dear Master for the awareness today.

Thanks for letting Soul come out to play.

Thanks for the sunshine.

Thanks for the choice.

Thanks for the birds singing.

They helped me find my Voice.

Laughing Addicts

Have you ever

Heard the laughter

Of the folks

Who made it “Home”?

The ones who walked

Wondered and waited

Just to see a smile.

Recovery is a joyous gift

That brightens up the Soul.

The laughter returns as we share

Our Journey to the things that made us whole.

Thanks for the song of laughter

That gives laughter to my night.

Thanks for the smile

That makes it worthwhile

As you show me how to live.

Admist the chaos and confusion

While working through the Steps

You get a chance for Soul’s romance

In learning how to forgive.

Having a disease that can destroy and maim

Caused me to search everywhere

Before recovery was mine to claim.

I thank you for your laughter

I treasure it and tuck it in my heart.

While living in the moment

Laughter is a great place to start.