Steps of the Temple

Image by runran via Flickr
Image by /\/\acropoulos via Flickr

Cleaning my wee temple.

Step by step.

Blessing all those who will come.

Blessing all who leave.

The stairs may seem a mundane thing.

They remind me

I have a home.

Not just the wee temple

stairs I am scrubbing.

But the inner temple of my being

Where through life the truth I am seeing.

Where I must clean

each step of all the stairways

Not just every other day

Not just once a week

But moment by moment

Keeping the clutter and idle chatter gone

So I can focus on the love as I gaze upon:

All the marvels

All the blessings

All the gifts

All the miracles

Of simply being alive

in a free country

With free speech

Freedom to worship

Freedom to ignore

Freedom to scrub

my wee temple.

 Now, the inner temple

Step by step

That is what my life is for.

The Gratitude attitude.




Lead to dedication

As I scrub the steps. 

With love.


I Will Follow You

On the road
Image by Janus. via Flickr

Rather than wandering the cow paths of the mind

I will follow you beloved Master

Through the green pastures and the rugged hills

I am learning to follow your leading

I am learning to follow your Will.

The Joy of surrender as  I learn in this space

Leads me to the still waters and the silent place. 

How many

Gifts of the Beloved photo by Mary Helen Ferris   Sept 08 


“How many hours to fast

and wait upon the Lord

How many days of prayer and weeping

to become of one accord.”

How blessed we are in this our age:

To have the choice to turn the page

To worship in private

To fast as a choice

To listen to the guidance

of an Inner Voice.

I shout  not from the rooftops.

I shout it not in the vale.

I do not have to perform some ritual.

I am not constantly in travail.

I am free to worship in my heart.

With no one asking why.

Why,  am I so blessed

to walk

with a Master

such as Thee.

How may I show my love for you

in  gratitude for being free?

How many ways may I serve you

in my thoughts and words and deeds?

How many moments of Joy

may I bring

to others who are still

not content to see

Thy beauty in every rock,

every tree and every hour?

I am so blessed to have your Love

My Beloved Higher Power.

The Master answered:

Be the best

and do the best

that you can possibly do.

You need not see the results

of your service.

You need not ask at all.

It is your individual chosen path

Once you hear the Master’s call.

The call to give without ceasing.

To purify that Soul within.

To clean up

your own side of the street.

To be all

you are created to be.

To laugh

and learn and love and give.

To trust God,

clean house and help others 

Is a beautiful way to live. 

To not be

judging yourself

or your neighbour.

To always be open

to always forgive.

How many joys will I bring you 

As you open Soul to believe?

As many grains of sands in all the earths

My love for you is true. 

How many moments will you hear me

As I whisper to thee in the breeze?

You are my beloved Soul


I am always

and in  all ways with Thee.

You need not follow austerities.

You are Loved.

You can Just Be. 

It is your loving gratitude 

That brings a smile to my face

It is watching you unfold with love

Walking the narrow way with grace.

These are some of the things that please me most

Until you come to abide with me.

I am

the unseen Host

At every meal.

The Silent Listener

to every conversation.

The hungry child upon the street

I am

hiding behind the eyes

Of all you meet. 

I am

the melody of every song

I am

the living waters

I am

in the heart of your very being

I am

in every moment of your Journey

I am

the One for whom you long.

How many gifts will I give you?

As many as you can receive.

You are always my Beloved child

It is up to you to believe.

When you are ready

I am here waiting.

You are worthy.

You are loved.

How many more moments will you be hesitating?

Listening to the Wind of Change.



My Beloved Friend

Beloved friend, you are more to me than any Son.

I have watched you grow.

I am prouder of you than anyone.

You scream and you shout

You rant and you rage

You are sitting in an invisible cage

I love you so much

I want you to see

Get on the right page.

You can be free.

How I do I tell you

What I want you to know?

I can not stop your pain

Master knows that I would

I need to give you the space

To figure it out.

To walk through the anger

The fear and the doubt.

You are vibrant and inteligent

That is such a shame

You could be more free

To dance in the rain.

I understand your purpose

I see your stuggle

I give you my hope.

But most of all my precious one

I give you my love

My beloved friend

My beloved “Son”.

I know how the Father

Must have felt

“This is my beloved Son

In whom I am well pleased”.

Thoughts of your struggle

Make my heart melt.

This day of gratitude

I will share with you

You are not alone

I will see you through.

I have a question

My darling young man

“What part of acceptance and surrender

Do you not understand?

You could teach the masses

About recovery.

I am waiting for your own discovery.

You are dynamic and vibrant

You carry laughter as a song.

I love you unconditionally.

Don’t get me wrong.

It is time to let go

of the things of your past.

By working through them

They have no more power.

The pain does not blast you back in the rut.

Face the emotions

Face and embrace the pain

Then you can be

God-centered again.

I will wait for the moment

You need to hear this song.

I will be here for you.

I will understand

Now living in this moment

I offer my hand.

Beloved friend, you are more to me than any Son.

I have watched you grow.

I am prouder of you than anyone.


The Journey Home

    The road has been winding

    The travel has been travail.

    You are coming home now.

    I hear Souls’ wail.

    The full moon is shining

    Over mountain peak.

    I long to hear your laughter

    Hold your hand to my cheek.

    Your journey was hard.

    It was your choice.

    I was certain you were listening

    To the Master’s Voice.

    Your way home is smoother.

    You are no longer alone.

    The Soul’s wails were deafening

    When you called on the phone.

    What a treasure to have

    A friend on the road.

    Someone who is on the same path.

    Someone who’s look can make you laugh.

    You are coming home now.

    What adventure will you choose?

    It would be fun to be young enough

    To be in your shoes.

    Adventure is waiting

    Of that I am sure.

    My suspicions are that

    Coming home was the cure.

Grief for a time or a season…the shards in the Mountain.

I watched the sky.
I wondered ‘why?’
(Why is life more intense?)
I watched as my pain
Formed into rain.
It renewed the earth as it fell.
The earth sprung up
Into the mountainous skies.
The beauty was shards to Soul.
I caressed the
shards with my eyes;
wanting it to cut deep.
Cut away the dross.
Cut away the loss.
The peaks were covered with misty fog.
The peaks were covered in rain.
The peaks were breathing in glorious snow.
I was very jealous.
I needed to feel that connected.
I wanted to lie on the top mountain peak.
I wanted to caress the forest’s floor.
I wanted to know.
I wanted to be.
I wanted to be real.
I craved renewal and purpose.
I needed to be free
of the pain of your passing.
I wanted to feel.
I longed for
a mission.
I had to have
the compulsion to go onward.
I did not feel anything like that at all.
Then the Sun came out.
It silhouetted the trees
Covered them in a raindrop-halo
which glistened.
While they danced in the breeze:
the beauty poured over me,
the beauty bombarded Soul,
the beauty went through me.
I drove away whole.
Now in the rear-view mirror
I have my direction.
I will return to the mountains
I will walk through the valleys and peaks.
I will do the next ‘right thing’.
I will be a mountain or raindrop.
Depending on the day.
I will be in touch with my life.
I will learn to say no
To the needs of another
When my own needs are intense.
I will return to these mountains
when I need to get in touch
With my loving departed parents
Whom I long to hold so much.
I put a rock in my pocket.

Further Along

I am further along
than I thought I would be.
I am further along
on my path to be free.
I am dancing in moonlight
I am singing in rain
I am further along
I am getting so strong.
I have courage.
I am curious.
I am adventurous.
I am so in love.
I am embraced
In Spirit’s sweet place.
I am further along
when I see your face.
The pain of your leaving
will never leave me.
But in this moment
it is your Joy I see.
Because of that, I thought you should know
I am further along
Knowing you both had to go.
It is time for your re-newing.
It is time for you to be.
Thanks for you’re loving ways
they help me to be free.
I am further along
than I thought I would be.
I am further along
on my path to be free.
I am watching the moonlight
I am singing my song
I am further along
I am getting so strong.
There is laughter through tears now.
I can still breathe your smell.
I am further along knowing
you are doing so well.
I am further along
than I thought I would be.
I am further along
on my path to be free.
I am watching the moonlight
I am singing my song
I am further along.
I am getting so strong.

The breeze is full of your Love

The breeze is full of your Love.

I am hurrying and scurryng

Not allowing my self time to feel.

The preparing of the garden,

The raking of the lawn

Picking out the new blooms this year….

Makes your passing less real.

It tears at me that you are gone.

I focus my attention

On the task in front of me

I ask for love to cool my brow

I miss you so much in the garden.

I miss you so much now.

I miss you desperately.

I dry my tears

Get back to work

I hear the distant train.

“I love you my dear daughter

Here is a kiss upon the breeze.

Know that the garden is lovely

Give the other children a squeeze.

Tell them that I am healing here

I am sitting in the sun

I am basking in the Sunlight of the Spirit

I have my tea and sing my song.

I am so blessed

To have stood the test

It really is such fun

To actualize Soul’s desire

Reflected in God’s Holy Fire.”

I shake my head

For I heard the words

Spoken clearly in my heart.

I place the rake, hoe and the gloves

Give my back a stretch…..

In that moment

I receive

Your Love upon the breeze.

Thanks Mom

You always knew what I needed.

Thanks for the breeze.

Thanks for teaching me

God’s love was always

Waiting in the garden.

As I child,

It drove me wild

When you would send me out to weed.

I never knew at the time

That I was also taking out the weeds

Out of the garden of my heart.

I stand now my arms outstretched

Surrendered to the song of the Wind….

“Your Mother is always with you when you

Remember the lessons she taught.”

I walk in peace

Now less distraught

Thankful for the hug in the Wind.