Fran Blackwell I AM Here To Serve with Love

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October 21, 2013 at 8:29am

I AM Here


In answering a call to Service,

as Soul, who has earned the right to be

First responder’, I came.


I found myself in a place filled with

contradictions, warm and loving,

cold and bare.

Yet love, and love alone guided my way.


From all the painful lessons earned, that was

required for me to learn, so I could

know the difference between all the opposites

that rule these worlds of duality,

just in case I had forgotten,for


how else could I be effective n service,

if I was moved by praise or criticism

joy or sorrow, for these are the testing

means of how Soul determines what is

important, what is real, what is not,

for all of it makes little difference,

it is all the same, depending on how the

cookie crumbles, so to speak,


and learning compassion means going through

every heart breaking and joyful experience known to God and man,

and the heart finds itself in the deadlock of anguish, yet joyful anticipation,

and I wonder, am I Soul, learning, learning, anything,

as it wrings itself out of the way?



 And I know I am not here for recognition,

fame or fortune, success or failure

I am here only to serve God

among the Human race, forever,


and if for a moment I forget,that anything

truly matters, except for Love, for all else is

Illusion, which clouds purity of heart,

but once the cobwebs are wiped away,

as Soul, I can see the deliberate design to keep me from


Knowing who and what I truly am,

a child in the Wilderness of Love and Mercy,

that has been called forth, for what is beyond

rhyme or reason, save God’s will, and the tender loving

care of the Beloved;


And for this privilege to be called to serve you,

to stand beside you, I will endure all things.

Your love for all Soul’s, inspires me to live in accord to the best

of my ability, to serve also as a Lover of Soul’s,

in following your guidance, to somehow be of service to

those who struggle greatly to free themselves from


the snares that bring a despair, so deep, it keeps

them from clearing away the chains

of illusion that bind them, so they too can stand free,

in the light and sound of Gods Love


I know, I have come through the thick and thin of it many times,

and now I know the why.

I am joyously free with no impediments,

to be all that I am capable of in your service, 

time has polished me in ways

untold for me to be rid of all that gets in my way,

in your way.


The terrain is like a battlefield, littered with land mines, yet

I will let nothing deter me from reaching your side,

I am here, I am now, here I stay forever in your Presence.

In the light and sound and love of the Beloved.

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The wind sighs its invocation

Soul leaving

The wind sighs its  invocation.

Soul is about to take flight.

The body is old,  decaying, dying.

Spirit Is buoyant and light.

I am surrendered on Soul’s knees.

My heart’s ears are open.

Now is the leave-taking I have dreamed

The gentle Voice has spoken.

I am always with you.

Come, my child be set free.

Know you do not walk alone

You are always a part of Me. 

The wind sighs its  invocation.


Soul awakens….

Wind Cloud is here!

Wind / Clouds / Moon
Image by Chazz Layne via Flickr
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Image by Degilbo on flickr via Flickr

HU-a love song to God

I have slept deeply dreaming for a hundred thousand lifetimes…content in my divine discontent.

Then the miracle happened.

Soul heard the still small voice.

It was on the wind.

It was within me.

It was in every sound.

It flooded Soul.

Soul was safe.

Soul was home.

Soul was free.