Scrubbing the Temple Floor

Scrubbing the Temple floor

Was her life long ambition.

She wanted to serve at the feet of the Master.

She did not have the funds to travel

To the beautiful Temple.

She did not have the youth to walk there on her knees.

There were very few coins to make an offering.

So she, cleaned for her neighbour.

She loved the outcasts and the street folk too.

She made soup in the village.

She gave love in the moment as unto the Master.

She fed the birds.

She screamed at the children who were endangering others.

She was patient with those whom time had neglected.

On her death bed, the tears flowed.

The knowledge had come.

She then knew.

In showing each person their beauty….

She was polishing the diamonds

Who sparkled in the Master’s sky.

She had been cleaning the Temple floor

By giving love.

Every moment.

Each moment.

By living in the moment.

By surrendering her dream

To help others live theirs…

She was polishing the Temple floor.