Healing Ground


10250333_574159079349497_868659340_n (1)I stand upon the healing ground.

Listening the to emerging water from under the ice.

I,  too,   emerge from that frozen place.

I fall deeper into the sound. 

Oh,  this healing ground was worth the price. 

I bask in the Creators grace.

The Dream Basket ~ Harold Klemp ~ The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Dream Basketl

In contemplation or the dream state, imagine meeting the Inner Master in your home or office. He holds out a wastebasket. “Take your cares and worries, and put them in here,” he tells you.

Visualize taking all the things that are bothering you and putting them into the Master’s basket. Feel rested and relaxed as you release them into the hands of the ECK.

If something is unpleasant in your life, change it. You are the creator of your worlds, whether they are on the inner planes or out here. The Inner Master will try to show you how to make your life out here better.

By turning a situation over to the Inner Master, something is worked off, and out of it can come more harmony and balance.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar Online Bookstore

Walking among the pines {artistryofcolinhall.wordpress.com}

1533817_571900419575363_2054437261_nI walked among the trees. I felt more freedom each step I went. The gates of prison no longer for me. I basked in the beauty of the wondrous pine. I felt so free. My aching heart it longed to vent. 
But the beauty overwhelmed me…the anger left. 
The more I walked, the more I knew: the sunlight of the spirit  had given me a glorious view. 
I was joyous…no longer bereft.

The writer, the candle and the quill

The quills were ready and sharp. The  pots full of ink glistened, reflecting  candles glowing  light. All lay patiently waiting  with the parchment in the night. The writer was in deep contemplation listening to love’s distant harp.

The silence, they brought the tune forward,  carving  it out in a whistle. The words cut clean and deep, cleansing out the winter’s dross and rotting  thistle. 

All tpaper-quill-ink-lit-candle-10305230he winter’s dross would slowly fall away,

as the writer opened up  their heart to put it on display. 

The Creator had told them that this day would come,

that they would give all they had gathered under the setting sun.

The hearthstone glowed in agreement.

 The moon shone through the door.

The wondrous blessings of the Creator…in one word and nothing more. 

This is the day that they would stand alone to convey the Creator’s love.

Fran Blackwell ~ What Am I? I Am Just a Fool for God

What Am I?   I Am Just a Fool for God

March 30, 2014 at 7:49am

Being the true story of my experience of the

living word
In the expression of living itself.
It is the transformational power 

that comes like thunder and lightning.
The assault tears away everything, 
And God

help me if there is even a shred of ego
left within there somewhere, 

it must be eliminated, become non-existent for

Survival of Spirit within me,

to serve from the selfless state.

All God qualities stand alone in


the worlds of no opposite: why is this?

The Law of Opposites dissolves

through distraction, changing distractions1397829_665178970179011_636812300_o

by fixing attention on God love.
These worlds of duality blend into

one, for nothing has power 

over the Light and Sound.

No form informing, no demands to conform,

only by Law of Divine Polarity,
do all things integrate into one and the same,

equal, no division, subtraction or reaction, 
In addition to truth’s living expression,

which batters me senseless because 
It makes no sense to view anything with two eyes—

Why do the ancients speak

of the single eye of the needle?

Threadbare barely making ends meet,

in hallowed halls, through corridors 
of no time for impurities, fading, as all things gravitate to me,

no longer going out, nowhere to go,

cease striving to attain that which is unattainable. 
Soul has it all, I am alive in the Now,

Soul always lives in the high worlds of Godliness.
I get it, I get it.

Here I stay, while truth be told, it got me in the worlds 

of God’s playground face to face, eye to eye, heart to heart
as the portal opens, revealing all that is, 
yes I see by Gods early light, star-spangled delight,

Soul liberated from all,

nothing left except a capacity to give

love, the golden coin,

ahhh the currency of Heavenly worlds,

with love a loving heart,

the time is come….the time is

Blast off—
There is an avalanche on the Mountain of God  

Your invitation ~ Eckankar Spring Seminar ~ Harold Klemp



Keynote speaker at this seminar is Harold Klemp, author.  Kindly peruse the pdf for details of the brochure to (see if you) qualify for “guest status” at this event.


Late supper on a winter night



Thoughts of you are twirling around.

They remind me of the dance of the snow.

The howling winds they do re-sound.

I am excited your journey is over.  This I know. 

I stoke the fire. I  try to tamp my desire down. 

I will focus on my chores if I could. 

Bring in a new load of wood.

A wondrous aroma fills the air

as I pull fresh-baked buns from the oven.

I look forward to the  moments we share our loving.

The howling winds sound quite mean

as I stir the home-made beans. 

Then I put the  water on for tea.

I rest, and just let things be.



I am thinking of our first meeting.

I remember how music was our greeting.

The way your eyes smiled as we danced.

Who would have guessed a life-long romance. 

I jump from the day-dream as I come alive.

I hear your vehicle in the drive.


Long winter song…{featured artistryofcolinhall.wordpress.com}

The long winter song tells me it is not done.

I have more to learn from its muted sun.

There are “wonderings”, “wanderings” and “wunderlusts” too.

10013849_567214480043957_887440296_nThere will be more surrender before the spring will truly break through.
When living in a northern clim…everything about the learning seems to take more time.
 The flowers are sleeping under the snow.
 Soul is cleansing of things that have to go.  
The emerging is teaching me how to make my life sing.
 I will be thankful when winter’s song’s blessings are manifested things.
I am ready to serve in this moment, that I surly know…
I want to be ready when the spring rivers flow.  
I want to stand with the Creator.  I want to sing his song.
But, in the moment it is to winter’s lessons  I belong.

“Be here now” the Creator teaches me.  

In this “at-one-moment” Soul is completely free. 

If I need to work at loving you…

If I need to work at loving you

It kills the love1010276_10151490793250735_2071002229_n

For me that is true.

I want it to flow with compassion and trust.

Not be a lifeless thing

Gathering dust.

If I need to work at loving you

I shall walk alone. 

No need…

The Light Brings you Home

The Light Brings you Home

No need to write on a full moon night. No words to describe its wonder.  I will just bask it in…In reserve for when my worlds are torn asunder. No need to speak of the wondrous healing. No words could describe this majestic feeling. 

Nothing and no thing comes between

the majestic moon and I.