Gift of sleep

sleeping deer buck

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Koala sleeping on a tree top
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The gift of sleep,

quiet, soothing peaceful sleep….

was never mine until now.

I could fall asleep easily

but would be awake

within three hours.

Now, I sleep when he sleeps.

 I sleep deep, long dreams of peaceful places

Dreams of  the magic that they keep.

Now, I sleep when he goes to work

again deep sleep full of graces.

What a miracle this new sleep doeth peruse…

Refreshed, pain free, my spiritual walk I can renew.

I never understood

when others talked of being in the flow.

My sleeping time is now

 a peaceful long flowing river to which I go.

I am quieter.

 I  have more time

to think things through….this I know.

I am joyful with this new gift of spirit.

So  soon,  after a long walk in the sunlight 

sleep will again  be mine,

I can almost hear it.

Soothing, beckoning,

healing sleep.

There are wondrous worlds to keep.


May I always listen to hear your Voice

May I hear your Voice

in the laughter of a child

in the kindness of a friend

May my heart be open to


that this your child

I would have harmed with my anger

I would have  harmed with my gossip.

May I surrender

these character defects

to open my life to balance.

Then the Sunlight of the Spirit

will cleanse me as I obey.

Bringing  balance



into my life

of  Service

to the Master.

May I drink of this cup each morning

May it fill me throughout the day 

May I do your will


May I show your love today,

May I hear your Voice

in the robin, the songbirds on the wing

May I share your Love always and all way.

May I hear your Voice.

Mother Answers

Yes, my darling children

I know what you are going through

Mum and Pup broke my heart

when death’s door they walked to.

I lost my brothers and sisters.

I lost my friends and my babies too.

Know this my dear children

Heaven is where you make it

You do not have to wait till the other side.

Enjoy the laughter.

Enjoy the love.

Enjoy the tears.

Make your daily meditation

An act of dedication.

Let your love for me

Show in all you do.

That is the best way

For your kindness to show

That is the best way for me

To know that you listened

When I told you

Dedicate your love, life and laughter

To the Master

That is what I want you to do

That will be the best reflection

Of the love that has been given you.

I bathed in the Ocean

Filled with Love and Mercy.

I basked in the Master’s sweet Grace.

Your love and forgiveness

Have helped my healing

As I enjoy Spirit’s sweet embrace.

Your love is my Lighteness.

Your forgiveness my crown.

Your kind actions to others

My beautiful gown.

Go on with your mission.

Be your own best friend.

Do as I told you

“Dedicate your life and your

actions to the Master.

Do all in His name.

That is the best reflection

of the love that has been given you.

I will always love you.

The Master is always with you.

Listen, dear child, when you want to ask ‘Why’

It is because I told you so.”

I am not gone from your Heart

Dear Ones.

My love comes to you on the Breeze.

Remember, in your morning meditation

Do all you can to ease

The pain of the downcast

The sorrow of the homeless

The hunger of those still searching

The anger of the frightened ones

Still lost in the fog.

Be of service to the servers.

Be a friend to the friendless.

Embrace the unembraceable.

Forgive the un-forgiveable.

Love the actor…hate the action.

“Dedicate your life and your

actions to the Master.

Do all in His name.

That is the best reflection

of the love that has been given you.

I will always love you.

The Master is always with you.

Listen, dear child, when you want to ask ‘Why’

It is because I told you so.”

I want to be a computer Master

Today I had my computer repaired.

It had a virus.

It took a few hours.

There was a technician who worked with love.

Who took all the data saving  the essential things

They cleaned off all the garbage. 

Master, I want to be a computer.

I am over whelmed

with all the things from others

I have been down loading…

over 68 years this lifetime….let alone 

the garbage I dumped on others lifetime after lifetime.

It is not my business.

It is not my stuff.

But, when my experience strength and hope

can be a bridge to freedom….for another

Let the sunlight of the Spirit

sustain me and guide them.

Loving fully completely and boldly

That for me is quite enough….

So can I change my request…

I do not want to be a computer

and not feel deeply

I do not want to delete my past

when it can be a bridge home to you

For Souls emerging from the fog.

Goodness knows you rescued

me so many times

You sent angels to walk with me.

When I would not listen….

You beloved Master walked with me…

Until I made it safely home.

Now I am home and free

Let me serve

Let me be more

and more like thee.

No, dear Master

I do not want to be a computer.

I want to be Soul. 

I want all Soul’s to be free. 

Let me continue

to be a fool for God. 

Service is the Silence


Photo with Sonny Galea  Jasper National Park      September 1, 2008

When I come to the place of Silence

With a heart full of laughter and joy.

It is in that moment

That I am the Master’s toy.

When I allow Him to give me instructions

When I put His work at the ‘fore

When I dedicate all my energy and actions

When I live here “as below so above”.

I do not have to wait for the rapture

I serve in the moment with love.

Then I know that this lifetime is more.

More of His infinite mercy

More of His boundless gifts

More opportunities of service

More of His children to lift.

A smile, a hug or a greeting

Acknowledges the Soul I am meeting.

Then there is no surprise

That  I see the Master

In  another eyes.

Christmas everyday.

Christmas  felt  like a play rehearsal.

The stars,  my parents, were missing.

You  had  already gone to  Broadway.

Act One, had already been performed .

Your  work here was done.

Because of your love and your life

It is,  for me,  Christmas everyday.

Some moments,  do not feel like presents.

Some moments,  I feel stuffed and overfed with grief.

Some hours pass,  now,  when I refuse to believe you are gone.

Some moments,  I feel your presence.


Those  are the moments when you nestle in my heart.

 The  goodness of your intentions,

Your  laughter and your inventions

take hold,  giving  me a new start.

Then,  it becomes  Christmas everyday.


I send you love on your Journey.

I embrace your memories.

I embrace your memories.

That makes everyday Christmas.



“Thou Art That”

img_02591Photo MaryHelen Ferris/Sonny Galea     Chapel in the Forest       Jasper National Park Canada

I read in a beautiful book

“Thou are That.”

Joyous  thoughts filtered

Through my very being.

I am connected

To the That within.

I am connected

To the That without.

I am connected

To the Creator of all beauty.

I am connected

In the dead of winter

To the chapel in the forest.

I am at peace.

Mystical magical moss on Monday

English: Harwood Forest. Steng Moss. This was ...
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English: Forest in mist
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Dense moss colonies in a cool coastal forest
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What a wonderful challenge I have choosen today.
It is Monday.
It is raining.
Some of the choices I have are:
(1) go back to bed for the day and read and sleep and dream.
(2) go have a shower, get dressed and work on the house plants.
(3) get dressed in some grubbies and go feed the birds taking an extra long time and just be with them.
(4) phone everyone I know and visit all morning.
(5) get coffeed up and clean and sew in preparation for fall and winter clothing changes.
(6) just sit and dream

Think I will sit and dream for a while
Letting the muses surround me and direct my day.
Music filters through the rain drops as the birds sing their song.
The mystical magic mist of Monday permates my being and I
am enjoying a lazy moment.
A being moment.
A mindful moment.
A moment in time.
It was not always so.
I was young.
I was in a hurry.
I was rushing after the almighty dollar.
I wanted to be connected.
I wanted to be more.
I never took the time to know myself.
I never enjoyed the mystical magic mist of Monday.
Now I can.
I will go check on the moss I brought back from the mountain.
It lovingly caresses everything in the woods.
I want to stay in the mountains and lay on the moss
Until it is time to come home to you.
I reach across time and space.
I caress the moss as it cools my face.
I am one with the moss.
The mountain.
The mist.
I am home.
The mystical magic mist of Monday permates my being and I
am enjoying a lazy moment.
A being moment.
A mindful moment.
A moment in time.