I will honour Thee


Photo by Sonny Galea   Wild Wilderness Photography      Jasper National Park

I will honour Thee

with a smile to my beloved family

across the breakfast table.

I will honour Thee

with kind words across the street.

I will honour Thee

by acknowledging where I walk

is sacred ground.

I will honour Thee

by doing, being, seeing and knowing

all of your Love

Is with me,

within me and all around.

I will honour Thee

by being part of the Light and Sound.

I will honour Thee

by being of  service,

love and laughter through each moment.

I will honour Thee

by being that

which you have created me to be.

Hey Dad, Is heaven your Home?


Photo - Sonny Galea- Wild Wilderness Photography      Jasper National Park

Your birthday is coming.

I won’t be making our birthday call.
We would always sing  together

“If heaven’s not my Home,
Then Lord, what will I do”
Now your birthday is coming
You have crossed the Great Divide.
I can almost hear you singing with
The Angels by your side.
Give Bonnie a kiss
Share with Mother a hug
Go run with Skitter
The dog who would bug
You and nuzzle you when you were so young
I am listening to your words dear Father
There are more words to be sung.
I have learned to make the earth plane my heaven
I am dancing and singing, still don’t go to bed at eleven.
I am living the life you always wanted for me.
I am sober, happy, joyous and free.
So my dear Father, I just want you to know
You have taught me that I can make heaven
Wherever I go.
Are you happy?
Do you have lobster?
Is there any Earl Grey tea?
While I am sitting here writing this
Are you giggling with glee.
I know that we had a very special connection.
Hey Dad, is heaven your home is not interjection

Mystical magical moss on Monday

English: Harwood Forest. Steng Moss. This was ...

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English: Forest in mist

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Dense moss colonies in a cool coastal forest
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What a wonderful challenge I have choosen today.
It is Monday.
It is raining.
Some of the choices I have are:
(1) go back to bed for the day and read and sleep and dream.
(2) go have a shower, get dressed and work on the house plants.
(3) get dressed in some grubbies and go feed the birds taking an extra long time and just be with them.
(4) phone everyone I know and visit all morning.
(5) get coffeed up and clean and sew in preparation for fall and winter clothing changes.
(6) just sit and dream

Think I will sit and dream for a while
Letting the muses surround me and direct my day.
Music filters through the rain drops as the birds sing their song.
The mystical magic mist of Monday permates my being and I
am enjoying a lazy moment.
A being moment.
A mindful moment.
A moment in time.
It was not always so.
I was young.
I was in a hurry.
I was rushing after the almighty dollar.
I wanted to be connected.
I wanted to be more.
I never took the time to know myself.
I never enjoyed the mystical magic mist of Monday.
Now I can.
I will go check on the moss I brought back from the mountain.
It lovingly caresses everything in the woods.
I want to stay in the mountains and lay on the moss
Until it is time to come home to you.
I reach across time and space.
I caress the moss as it cools my face.
I am one with the moss.
The mountain.
The mist.
I am home.
The mystical magic mist of Monday permates my being and I
am enjoying a lazy moment.
A being moment.
A mindful moment.
A moment in time.

I saw the Master’s hands

I saw the Master’s hands

In every tree and brook.

I felt His sweet caress

Everywhere I looked.

The clouds, the trees,

the birds, the breeze

all were an expression of love for me.


I felt the Master’s touch

in the majestic mountainside.

I basked in the sweet kiss

as the morning mist

crashed, crushed and caressed me inside.


I was helped, held, and healed in the embrace

Of my loving Higher Power.

The Sunlight of the  Spirit

Rolled over me.

Again and again.
I am now in a holy place.


I was washed in the mountain rain.

I was cleansed in a Ocean filled

With love and mercy.

It removed the first hundred layers of pain.


The waterfall in the mountains

renewed me through and through.

I am ready to rejoin life.

I might even want to be with you.


The love of Master is always with me.

I know that more today.

I am glad I went to the mountains.

I am so glad I stopped to pray.

I was helped, held, and healed  in the embrace

Of my loving Higher Power.

The Sunlight of the  Spirit

Rolled over me.
It stays with me this hour.

Mother Answers

Yes, my darling children
I know what you are going through
Mum and Pup broke my heart
when death’s door they walked to.
I lost my brothers and sisters.
I lost my friends and my babies too.
Know my dear children
Heaven is where and what you make it
you do not have to wait till the other side.
Enjoy the laughter.
Enjoy the love.
Enjoy the tears.
Make your daily meditation
an act of dedication.
Let your love for me
Show in all you do.
That is the best way
For your kindness to show
That is the best way for me
To know that you listened
When I told you
Dedicate your love, life and laughter
To the Master.
That is what I want you to do.
That will be the best reflection
of all the love that has been given you.
I bathed in the Ocean
Filled with Love and Mercy.
I basked in the Master’s sweet Grace.
You love and forgiveness
have helped my healing
as I enjoy Spirit’s sweet embrace.
Your love is my Lightness.
Your forgiveness my crown.
Your kind actions to others
my beautiful gown.
Go on with your mission.
Be your own best friend.
Do as I told you
“Dedicate your life and your
actions to the Master.
Do all in His name.
That is the best reflection
of the love that has been given you.
I will always love you.
The Master is always with you.
Listen, dear child, when you want to ask ‘Why’
It is because I told you so.”
I am not gone from you Heart
Dear Ones.
My love comes to you on the Breeze.
Remember, in your morning meditation
Do all you can to ease
The pain of the downcast
The sorrow of the homeless
The hunger of those still searching
The anger of the frightened ones
Still lost in the fog.
Be of service to the servers.
Be a friend to the friendless.
Embrace the un-embraceable.
Endeavor to forgive the unforgivable.
You can love the actor and not the actions.
“Dedicate your life and your
actions to the Master.
Do all in His name.
That is the best reflection
of the love that has been given you.
I will always love you.
The Master is always with you.
Listen, dear child, when you want to ask ‘Why’
It is because I told you so.”

Meet me in the Sunset


Photo credit    Anne Marie Kiyawsew

Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.
We have waited many life times
We have travelled many miles
We have waited for each other.
I guess we can wait a little while.
So until I meet you in the sunrise
Until we kiss as lovers do
I will send love to you my darling
Knowing love will see you through.
Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.
Your eyes hold so much laughter.
Your heart is so full of pain.
Do you not know I am waiting
To be with you again?
I know not the time or season.
I only know you will receive.
I know only this my darling…
You only have to believe.
There is always someone caring.
There is always someone who knows.
There is me my little darling.
Who cares wherever you go.
Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.
So, tonight, in your dreams, my loved one:
Be sheltered in the love
Of all of those who love you
Both here and up above.
Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.
I will wait for you forever.
Our love was meant to be.
I love you so much darling
That I will always let you be.
Your freedom is my gift to you.
Your laughter yours to me.
So in the twilight of your life
You can come home to see
That I loved you since forever.
Forever, yours I’ll be.
Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.

Moonlight dancers

Moonlight dancers  Jim Warren


Motherhood starts in the raindrop.

Motherhood starts in the earth.

Motherhood starts in the laughter.

Motherhood starts knowing your worth.

Motherhood starts as belonging to the women

of the tribe.

Motherhood is the joy of the sunset.

Motherhood is being glad you’re alive.

Motherhood is in the watching

a garden grow and thrive.

Motherhood is not a season.

Nor a certain time of year.

Motherhood is the gentleness

the compassion of a heart

full of good cheer.

Motherhood is the contented smile

that comes across your face

when the work is all done.

When the children are fed, tucked into bed

And its your turn for a cup of tea

by the fireplace.

Motherhood is the light in the window

for the traveler who journeys far.

Motherhood is the heartache

as your sons and daughters

go to war.

Motherhood is the quiet whisper

Upon the evening breeze.

Knowing that you have done your best

Releasing the rest as their children gather

‘Round your knees.

Motherhood is the knowingness

that comes only in the song

Of joy you offer

While making bread.

The quiet peaceful loving

which goes into every step.

Motherhood is that long lonely vigil.

Knowing full well why the Master wept.

Motherhood is a journey.

Seemingly up hill all the way.

Motherhood is service in the rain drop.

Motherhood is giving every day.

Motherhood is that quiet moment

After you have given the whole house a scrub.

Before the children, the cats and the dog

Decide to bring the whole sandbox in

To create a huge ‘hub-bub’.

Motherhood is the guilty moment

When chocolate is your sin.

Motherhood is so wondrous.

Motherhood is a giving thing.

Motherhood a calling

Given to women by God.

Motherhood just is.

Motherhood was written in the stars.

(No wonder it is

an occasion for cigars.)

Ain’t life grand?


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“When the sun in the morning

Peaks over the hill

I wake up with the lilacs

On Mocking Bird Hill

Trah laa lah tweedly dee dee

It gives me a thrill

To wake up in the morning

On Mocking Bird Hill”

Oh what rejoicing to hear that old song

I remember how wonderful it was to sing along.

I was just a young woman

Or perhaps a wild child

Life was so full of wonder.

Curiosity had its own wondrous pile

I lived in Europe in the sixties

It was “flower power” you see.

I was young, curious and romantic

It was great to be me.

I had long flowing hair

Dyed strawberry-b

English: Rhein View From AltStadt - Dusseldorf

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There was open air markets

The vendors sang their song.

“Fresh fruit”  and “flowers”  “soft hot brochien” too.

They would haggle their prices

They expected you to.

Large knock-wurst and veisswurst

On a large open bun

Then the Dusseldorf mustard added to the fun.

You bit into to the sausage

You don’t have to guess

Big gobs of mustard ran over your chin

Dripped onto your dress.

You threw back your head in a mischievous grin.

Stashing a dill pickle for the walk home

The hills of the city were my favorite places to roam.

The talking and laughter when you rode the tour bus

Was nothing like the silence you get here with us.

The soccer matches were blaring above the conversational roar

Oh, the great magic as they called out the score.

Because I spoke English they thought Britain my team

So they poured  my congratulations in a never-ending stream

Of liquid libations in various glasses.

I often wonder if Germany had won that day

How in the world  was I ever going to pay

For all the eighty nationals riding on the tour

I think I would still be washing dishes

That is for sure.

We took the bus to ride on the boat

Down the Rhine to the castle tour

The dirt in the river kept it afloat.

My landlord’s wife had packed us a lunch

There were garlic sandwiches

We were a stinking bunch.

We toured through the castles

We walked up to the turrets

Oh what a view

Of farm lands and gentle hills

Industrial areas too.

The hospitality of the castles

Included the wine cellars

With the various flavors in a wondrous display

I lived there for almost six years

No wonder I have ‘dementia’ today.

Seriously folks I have had a great life

My memories of the travel, step-children, hard work

Gives spring to my step today.

Life is here in this moment.

I learned of many cultures

Many songs and stories too.

Most of all I learned how important it is

To awaken with song.

To give of that beauty all day long.

Sometimes it flows easy.

Sometimes there are shards.

But I do my  best.

Give the Master the rest

I do not make my life hard.

So ask I you when you look inward

Give yourself a break

Know that you are poetry in motion

For goodness sake….

Know that and be that.

Your Light will shine through.

Know that “life is worth the living”

Be kind,  be more forgiving

In all that you do.

Now I ask you with a open hand

Ain’t life grand?

Sunshine Sunday

Sunrise over the south beach of Jamaica.

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English: colourful sunset. knysna, south afric...

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It is a Sunshine Sunny Sunday

The storm has passed for now.

The green of spring is ‘doing its thing’

As on my knees I bow.

Winter’s pains no longer near

The opening leaves do now appear.

The world is again a wondrous place.

The Sunlight of the Spirit

Conveys God’s Grace.

The Light and  Sound

Are dancing in a sacred rhyme

The Soul that they are filling

Oh blessed be, is mine.

The joys of life

Are all contained in Now.

I want to share this with you.

I want you to hear the Voice.

I want you to know the Master.

But you know,  it is your choice.

The Sunlight of the Spirit

Is now filling up my room

The Sound in celebration

Gives victory over gloom.

The Light is healing corners of my little place.

In the Silence of the morning

Your Love shows me your Face.

Oh, blessed wondrous morning

Will stay with me all day

When I live in the moment.

When I dedicate my day…

To love, to service and to laughter

To listening to your Voice.

The Sunlight of the Spirit

Gives Soul a cause to rejoice.

Thank you my dear Master

For giving me this day

Guide my steps to follow

This precious narrow way.

I give thanks for all within me.

I give thanks for all without.

The Sunshine Sunny Sunday

Has banished clouds of doubt.

Now, kindly Holy Spirit

May I sprinkle on the way

Some of your Love

To my family

To the friends who’ve been so kind

May I give any extra measure

To those who feel left behind.

The love in your Abundance

To be shared with all through me

May I share this wondrous moment

In Sunlight’s eternity.

If one drop of your sweet nectar

Could hide behind my smile

I know that I would truly be

Living in the Now

That my life has been worth while.

May I be a mirror of your Beauty

May I be a little kinder

May I speak with loving praise

Of all those you will send me

On these sunny days.

May your Love be an umbrella

When the storm clouds do appear

May the Sunlight of the Spirit

Give Victory over Fear.

May I serve with loving patience

All those who ‘get in my face’

May I live with respect and loving

Giving all your creatures place.

To love and grow and flourish

To be listening to your Voice

Thanks for your Loving Mercy

Thanks for this wondrous Choice.

Mother’s Smile

I found a smile on my pillow.

This morning, I found a smile on my pillow.

I was positive I would not smile again.

Then the gratitude of your love nudged me awake.

I began my day with a bountiful heart

Filled with the memories of your loving ways.

All the distance between us was gone.

I embraced your kind Spirit.

I cuddled in the corner of my mind with our memories.

I found a smile on my pillow.

Then I saw your note.

“My dear Child, I had to go.

I had work to do.

I like it here.

So will you

Cry if you must.

Oh, you must for a while.

Borrow my joy to make it through.

Share this smile

With your sisters and brother.

Share this smile

With all of the others.

I will be sending you more.

It is peaceful here

‘On that far distant shore.’

Share this smile.

I will be sending you more.

You will be finding my love

Smiling back from the mirror.

You will find my love

By letting others nearer.

You will find my love

In all that you do for others.

I love you Child.

Stay true to yourself.

I placed a smile

On your pillow.

I imprinted my love on your heart.

Love, always and all ways.


I found a smile on my pillow.

I looked again.

I had two.

I picked one up.

I am sending it to you.