The movies

In the past fifteen years I have seen three movies:

Titanic, Horton hears a Who and Benjamin Button.

So I am at a loss to express my deep gratitude

 and spiritual awakening

After the viewing of Benjamin Button.

For me, it was excellantly crafted, cut from the cloth of the robe of God.

It moved me.

It shook me.

It helped me heal.

I faced my grief, my anger and my joy

to only have it cascading in on me,

as profound sadness and elation again in the next scene.

(I was to be a ballerina this lifetime….fate had other plans.

By the time I was 8 years old I weighed eighty pounds

and looked like a full back on the men’s football team.)

So a movie about the dance and the dance of life

Will challenge me to ever

 take its memory from me as

the best movie of my life.

I saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid thirteen times.

I only want a percentage of the royalties

I will generate by enrolling

all my friends into the viewing

and partaking of this moveable visual feast.

Oh my goodness, I feel drained and inspired all in one breathe.

The “emotional roll in the hay of my life experiences” expressed in this movie

Has left me quite for a loss of expression, except perhaps:

For me, it was excellantly crafted, cut from the cloth of the robe of God.


I will honour Thee


Photo by Sonny Galea   Wild Wilderness Photography      Jasper National Park

I will honour Thee

with a smile to my beloved family

across the breakfast table.

I will honour Thee

with kind words across the street.

I will honour Thee

by acknowledging where I walk

is sacred ground.

I will honour Thee

by doing, being, seeing and knowing

all of your Love

Is with me,

within me and all around.

I will honour Thee

by being part of the Light and Sound.

I will honour Thee

by being of  service,

love and laughter through each moment.

I will honour Thee

by being that

which you have created me to be.

Hey Dad, Is heaven your Home?


Photo – Sonny Galea- Wild Wilderness Photography      Jasper National Park

Your birthday is coming.

I won’t be making our birthday call.
We would always sing  together

“If heaven’s not my Home,
Then Lord, what will I do”
Now your birthday is coming
You have crossed the Great Divide.
I can almost hear you singing with
The Angels by your side.
Give Bonnie a kiss
Share with Mother a hug
Go run with Skitter
The dog who would bug
You and nuzzle you when you were so young
I am listening to your words dear Father
There are more words to be sung.
I have learned to make the earth plane my heaven
I am dancing and singing, still don’t go to bed at eleven.
I am living the life you always wanted for me.
I am sober, happy, joyous and free.
So my dear Father, I just want you to know
You have taught me that I can make heaven
Wherever I go.
Are you happy?
Do you have lobster?
Is there any Earl Grey tea?
While I am sitting here writing this
Are you giggling with glee.
I know that we had a very special connection.
Hey Dad, is heaven your home is not interjection

The Homeless Outcast


 He slept where he stopped.

He never owned a car.

He carried no identification

He did not have hospital coverage.

He had no political affiliation.

He was clothed unlike others.
He ran with a pack.

He did not shave.
Never operated a computer.

Never carried a cell phone

His hair was long.

He did not have a place to live.

He was not employed.
He was clothed unlike others.
He moved around alot.
He was  ‘not to be trusted’.
He was not  ‘one of us.’
A loner.

Many said he had delusions of grandeur.

He really never fitted it.
He was disruptive.
He gathered crowds.
He spoke loud.
He lost his temper.

“Why would  we allow  this man on our streets?

Can’t the “city father’s ” do something about this?

This should not be allowed on our streets you say?

This is not to be tolerated by hard-working tax -payers.

Homelessness you say…too big a burden.

It is not my concern.

He was probably always a  no one.”


Would you take the time  to know him?.

Would you like to know what he is up to?

Would you like to know what he has to say?

He is someone’s son.
He is someone’s friend.
He is someone’s brother.
He matters to them.


Would you like to know his name?

His name is Jesus.


Would we crucify him the way we just did
This  homeless man ?

You never know behind whose eyes
The Master is hiding.

Saturdays I miss Mom the most


Photo courtesy Thomas Quantz    Thanksgiving 2007      Calgary     My last visit with Mother on Earth

I could see forever in your eyes Mother.

You sense of humour was amazing.

It probably still is.

Saturdays I miss you the most.

I will feel your love on the breeze.

Often when I go for long walks

I remember the forest

Our special talks.

On Saturday evenings we would spend time on the phone.

Your laughter filled my heart.

I was never alone because you were near.

I am now not alone because it is clear

All that your taught me

I am finding it is true.

I just reach for the Master’s hand

When I am feeling blue.

The cook made wonderful cinnamon rolls.

The smell of them took me home to you.

I remember, once in particular,  on the ranch

You had a large pot of beans in the oven

Some cinnamon buns spoke of your loving.

It is seven months ago you went to the Master.

I am not finding my days…especially

Saturdays go very much faster.

The grieving is natural.

I need to practice your presence more.

I think I will come visit you in the dreamscape.

You on that far distant shore.

Last month when your anniversay day came around

I was lost.

I went to sleep early.

I had a large new mirror by my bed.

I looked and I saw your reflection instead.

What an honour.

How wonderful it would be

When I truly find the gracious qualities of Mother in me.

On Saturdays or any day

I want to honour your love with my life.


The pulleys of the field


Photo  Sonny Galea  Wild Wilderness Grande Prairie AB Canada

The pulleys

of the field

have mined Mother Earth.

The freedom to do so

is always ours from birth.

Now that Remembrance Day approaches

Let us honour those

who fought from our freedoms.

Our freedom of change.

Our freedom to dance.

Our freedom of romance.

Our freedom to think.

Our freedom to worship.

Our freedom to just be.

Our freedom to have mirth.

When it is time to be grateful.

When it is time to be free.

Remember our soldiers and their families…

Fighting overseas.

Those are the true pulleys of

our  “Field of Dreams.”

Please include the freedom

To remember what you are worth.

Respect one another.

Be kind to yourself.

Try not to rape Mother Earth.

Our most precious non-renewable resource

Is our children….let us not send them

Off to another war.

Let us cherish each other.

Let us honour our birth.

Let us honour our freedom.

Let us show what its worth.

Respect one another.

Try not to rape Mother Earth.

Our freedom to dance.

Our freedom to have mirth.

Please include the freedom

To remember what you are worth.

 Be kind to yourself. 


A special thanks to my eight uncles who

fought in World War II and my husband

who fought in Korea…mhf