I learn from the children and their children too…(secret messages from the magic castle)

secret messages from the magic castle (year two)

Mornings of busy-ness Magic castle with the honeymoonersSnapshot_20120301_1

 with love for one another

even  time for devotion.

My niece is so special

What a kind loving Mother.

Just being here expands

  my heart with love from the ocean.

 The magic castle

has wondrous family members

with love for one another.

This  magic castle is for me like no other.

“I learn from the children…

Their children too.”

(The friends of children’s children

are my teachers no time to feel blue.)

I am learning again  to laugh and play

The Sunlight of the Spirit flows

from them throughout the whole day.

I am blessed from the children

and their children too.


Love is roses in winter
Love is roses in winter

Why I love car dealerships….Look at this one !!!


I love car dealerships.

I love cars.

My Father was a car dealer when I was a very young child in the forties.

Today whilst browsing the local newspaper

 (The Lethbridge Shopper) Lethbridge, Alberta Canada



I saw

Operation Kidsafe Event 

Set for Lethbridge

Byline   Kathy Taylor


College Ford Lincoln is hosting…….

An opportunity to have a kit made for your child will take

place in

Lethbridge at College Lincoln Ford

on Friday, April 12 from 1 pm to 7 pm

and on Saturday April 13, from 10 am to 4 pm.

(the address is included in the article)

About Operation Kidsafe

When a child goes missing, every second counts.

This is why programs like Operation Kidsafe are so important.

Back to the dealership….”Kids are very important to all of us here, ” said General Sales Manager Kim Jensen.

Internet Manager Kyle Jozsa, who has been organizing the event, said “Speeding up the process of parents finding missing children is the goal of the event.”

I love car dealerships more for the great good guys and gals who will be pitching in at this event.

and I really like JD Rucker who writes about cars….


Where does Trust begin?

Where does Trust begin?

I sincerely believe it is an INSIDE JOB.

When I trust my heart, my capacity to love…

unconditionally….I can trust you.

What you do with that gift of trust is not my responsibility. 

Recently, I saw an aging man.

He does not trust.

He cannot trust.

He never learned to trust.

You give him love.

He does not trust it.

So I gave him love as the broken child

of the Creator that I saw him to be. 

I gave him the trust

I would have wanted him to always have known.

“How could you?”   I was asked.

I visualized I was standing at his grave-side

with the way things were between us.

All the childhood trauma,

violence surfaced in the conversation at his burial.

I gave myself a gift.

I treated him AS IF he were worthy of trust

when I saw him after the visualization.

I gave him the unconditional love

that the Creator has always given me.

I did not give up on the aging man.

The Creator has never given up on me.

Gentle snow, gentle voices, gentle love

Martel and van Over have friends for dinner an...
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English: Blowing snow, Creag Mhigeachaidh Even...
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The forecasted blizzard

is a gentle snow

when viewed from the inside

of a loving home

safe, warm, protected, secure

out harms way of the storm.

Gentle voices,

sharing the day,

the struggles,

the joys,

the victories

comfort an aging heart.

Gentle love,  of a young child

upon a knee

(telling stories to her real imaginary friend

sharing countless hours with a visiting relative)

 healing a heart

that has been closed for too many centuries.

For the moment,

the snow, the gentle voices and the laughter of a child

fill the old crone’s heart.

Treasures to wrap carefully away for

the rainy days on the trail ahead. 

Laughter at the Shelter

A few months ago my life was helter skelter

Now, I rejoice, in the laughter at the shelter.

There is never a problem that one of us has not been through.

There is always joy and understanding even when skies are not blue.

We have our own experiences.

We have compassion in the pain.

But, now,  I am at home in the Shelter

I am learning to dance in the rain.

I have a family.

I am home.

((Which for a homeless person is everything one could ever dream about))

I have a place in the sun with a loving family of that there is no doubt.

The movies

In the past fifteen years I have seen three movies:

Titanic, Horton hears a Who and Benjamin Button.

So I am at a loss to express my deep gratitude

 and spiritual awakening

After the viewing of Benjamin Button.

For me, it was excellantly crafted, cut from the cloth of the robe of God.

It moved me.

It shook me.

It helped me heal.

I faced my grief, my anger and my joy

to only have it cascading in on me,

as profound sadness and elation again in the next scene.

(I was to be a ballerina this lifetime….fate had other plans.

By the time I was 8 years old I weighed eighty pounds

and looked like a full back on the men’s football team.)

So a movie about the dance and the dance of life

Will challenge me to ever

 take its memory from me as

the best movie of my life.

I saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid thirteen times.

I only want a percentage of the royalties

I will generate by enrolling

all my friends into the viewing

and partaking of this moveable visual feast.

Oh my goodness, I feel drained and inspired all in one breathe.

The “emotional roll in the hay of my life experiences” expressed in this movie

Has left me quite for a loss of expression, except perhaps:

For me, it was excellantly crafted, cut from the cloth of the robe of God.

Hey Dad, Is heaven your Home?


Photo – Sonny Galea- Wild Wilderness Photography      Jasper National Park

Your birthday is coming.

I won’t be making our birthday call.
We would always sing  together

“If heaven’s not my Home,
Then Lord, what will I do”
Now your birthday is coming
You have crossed the Great Divide.
I can almost hear you singing with
The Angels by your side.
Give Bonnie a kiss
Share with Mother a hug
Go run with Skitter
The dog who would bug
You and nuzzle you when you were so young
I am listening to your words dear Father
There are more words to be sung.
I have learned to make the earth plane my heaven
I am dancing and singing, still don’t go to bed at eleven.
I am living the life you always wanted for me.
I am sober, happy, joyous and free.
So my dear Father, I just want you to know
You have taught me that I can make heaven
Wherever I go.
Are you happy?
Do you have lobster?
Is there any Earl Grey tea?
While I am sitting here writing this
Are you giggling with glee.
I know that we had a very special connection.
Hey Dad, is heaven your home is not interjection

Christmas everyday.

Christmas  felt  like a play rehearsal.

The stars,  my parents, were missing.

You  had  already gone to  Broadway.

Act One, had already been performed .

Your  work here was done.

Because of your love and your life

It is,  for me,  Christmas everyday.

Some moments,  do not feel like presents.

Some moments,  I feel stuffed and overfed with grief.

Some hours pass,  now,  when I refuse to believe you are gone.

Some moments,  I feel your presence.


Those  are the moments when you nestle in my heart.

 The  goodness of your intentions,

Your  laughter and your inventions

take hold,  giving  me a new start.

Then,  it becomes  Christmas everyday.


I send you love on your Journey.

I embrace your memories.

I embrace your memories.

That makes everyday Christmas.