For Fathers everywhere…

It feels, for me,

like the lifetime

I always wanted for you;

knowing you are

safe from the storm.

I have watched you

battling everything

for everyone.

You needed, in my opinion,

a safe harbour to rest

and renew yourself.

You are a humble man

who Blesses All.

Always and all ways.

Perhaps you may be

Blessed in the

Arms of Spirit

as you Sleep.

I conjure up visions of

Beautiful Women

to bathe you,

soothe you,

and towel you

with soft ferns

from the forest floor.

They have prepared an arbour

of juniper, cedar and spruce.

It leads you to a quiet

“Cabin” of mosses, lichen and sage

which smell of

sweet grass and fresh ocean breezes.

There are

pine boughs, feathers of myriad birds

and a feast of your favorite foods,

books and song birds serenading you.

For warmth, there are furs

and a “rug” of the hide

of a summer lamb for your head.

There is a fire glowing with oranges and purples.

The sounds of Its crackling engulf you.

Its flames dance forward to you…

until they dance behind your eyes.

You are sleeping, dreaming into a deeper view

of the Ocean full of Love and Mercy.

Content, you meet with your Master

and grasp His eyes with yours.  You ask your

Questions, which, when barely formed,

are answered in His smile and His gentle Voice.

“All will be Well”

resonates until it becomes a “Knowingness” that


is yours to embrace.

The sorrows and pains of the Day are stilled.

In this Moment, there is a gentle breeze

stirring you.

A happy, joyous, warmth floods over your entire being.

You are One

with the Breeze,

the Fire,

the Ocean

and the Joy of the Blessing.

Loved ones surround you with their essences.

A protective Shield of Light

envelopes you as you

reach deeper into your

Peaceful Place.

There is in this Moment,

the Love of the Master,

your Beloved,

and Loved Ones

of all your Lifetimes.

Soul knows it is Home.

You hear the Sound,

ride it further

into the Light and

become One

with the Light and Sound.

It is a glorious

Waterfall of colors

and you bask in its Bliss.

It is many hours until daybreak.

I am sitting Vigil

To greet you as you

return with the Dawn.

You smile a greeting.

It was a good Trip Home.

-MaryHelen Ferris



I thought I was alone…

Bears are great teachers for children and Empire Avenue players

I struggled.

I was broken.

I thought I was alone. 

It was only the beginning of the knowledge

of your love. 

You are always with me.

You sustain me in the darkest hour.

You gather me to your cloak of love and protection.

You are my beloved.

I thank you Higher Power.

I truly had thought I was alone.

Broken and shattered 

I approached this thy throne

Your love reached out to me in the darkest night.

Your love cleansed me and made everything right.

I am blessed to be under the shelter of thy wings.

I smile quietly at the mistaken thought…

I thought I was alone.

Time for Letting Go and Letting God…with artistry of Colin Hall 10155310_575948629170542_8079504747551670804_n

“Daddy, I will miss you. It is time for you to go My tears they are for happy . I just want you to know.

I see the angels coming.They want you to be in peace I release you now my Daddy. My love for you will not cease. “

Then, the little girl bowed her head.

“If you miss me too much Daddy,  as I am going to miss your touch…just send for me my darling Daddy. I won’t want to stay here long. I love you, oh so much.

Then she opened her eyes …watched as the angels took him home. She loved him. She forgave him. She did not want to be alone. She knew he had stayed too long.

 Then she thought she  could hear him singing with the angel’s throng. “If, heaven’s not my Home Oh Lord, what will I do.”

How would her family move on?  How could she be there for them , when she could hardly be there for herself?

There was no mystery. She had to do what she had to do. Stay clean and sober. Go to meetings. Work on the steps. Talk with other addicts. Deal with it with her sponsor. Talk it over with the Creator. 

The grief would linger for many a year. She wanted to be with him. She shed many a tear. She wanted the pain to end. But she waited and she prayed. Till her Higher Power gave her sweet release. Then she knew, as her Father had done, a sweet surrender…a blessed peace…a the setting of the sun.


The Temple

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Image by seriykotik1970 via Flickr

The beautiful cathedrals of Europe

Call rituals to mind.

The Temples of the far east provide

Enlightenment to the blind.

The mosques are row dotting the landscape

Expanding our capacity to love.

For me, the most beautiful place

Is this Temple within

Filled mercy from above.

I go to this temple in the moment.

I meditate, contemplate, pray.

Being in touch with the Master

Enlivens each moment each day.

I may not always be surrendering.

I may be taking a moment to laugh.

By living in the moment, in the at-one-ment

I know I am on the right path.

dreaming out loud (this has a copyright)*contest entry

Living with Nature

I am dreaming that

I have become

the divine feminine gentle Soul.

I am dreaming that

I have a child on the way.

I am dreaming that

I am beloved of one

of The Beloved’s own.

I am dreaming that

I have freedoms all the way

to worlds unknown.

I am dreaming that

love will have its say.

I am dreaming that

love has healed me

and made me whole.

Oh,  my goodness

Oh,  for heaven’s sake

I am not dreaming.

This is my true life

I am truly wide awake.

The Virgin was not

the only one

Who was  blessed

among women.

I am.

I am that

because of the love

of the Creator.

I am that

because of the love

that has been so

freely given to me

I am that

because in my Soul

I am truly free.

I am that

because in every day
in each every way

each day

I am getting better and better.

I am becoming

more like Thee.

I see your love

in every rock and tree and flower

I see more love

behind the eyes of my neighbour

I see it growing by the hour.

I am living the dream

That Soul came here to dream.

I gaze into your eyes

It is then I realize

You are living the same dream.

How blessed we are

beloved dear heart

That each day is so full

of the love of the Creator

For all of us

Now I surrender

To do my part.

Mother Answers

Yes, my darling children

I know what you are going through

Mum and Pup broke my heart

when death’s door they walked to.

I lost my brothers and sisters.

I lost my friends and my babies too.

Know this my dear children

Heaven is where you make it

You do not have to wait till the other side.

Enjoy the laughter.

Enjoy the love.

Enjoy the tears.

Make your daily meditation

An act of dedication.

Let your love for me

Show in all you do.

That is the best way

For your kindness to show

That is the best way for me

To know that you listened

When I told you

Dedicate your love, life and laughter

To the Master

That is what I want you to do

That will be the best reflection

Of the love that has been given you.

I bathed in the Ocean

Filled with Love and Mercy.

I basked in the Master’s sweet Grace.

Your love and forgiveness

Have helped my healing

As I enjoy Spirit’s sweet embrace.

Your love is my Lighteness.

Your forgiveness my crown.

Your kind actions to others

My beautiful gown.

Go on with your mission.

Be your own best friend.

Do as I told you

“Dedicate your life and your

actions to the Master.

Do all in His name.

That is the best reflection

of the love that has been given you.

I will always love you.

The Master is always with you.

Listen, dear child, when you want to ask ‘Why’

It is because I told you so.”

I am not gone from your Heart

Dear Ones.

My love comes to you on the Breeze.

Remember, in your morning meditation

Do all you can to ease

The pain of the downcast

The sorrow of the homeless

The hunger of those still searching

The anger of the frightened ones

Still lost in the fog.

Be of service to the servers.

Be a friend to the friendless.

Embrace the unembraceable.

Forgive the un-forgiveable.

Love the actor…hate the action.

“Dedicate your life and your

actions to the Master.

Do all in His name.

That is the best reflection

of the love that has been given you.

I will always love you.

The Master is always with you.

Listen, dear child, when you want to ask ‘Why’

It is because I told you so.”

Fevered Journey


Photo credit – Sonny Galea- Wild Wilderness Photography    Jasper National Park Canada Sept 2008

The fever distorts

the little reality that I know.

I live in the moment 

“beyond the beyond”

I see beauty in Its perfect array.

I cling to the moment.

I live in the beauty

of the sublime.

I will be sad.

when the fever subsides.

For back to reality,

 I must abide. 

But for the moment

It is the beloved

imagination I ride.


 Photo by MaryHelen Ferris -Jasper National Park Canada – Sept 2008

Service is the Silence


Photo with Sonny Galea  Jasper National Park      September 1, 2008

When I come to the place of Silence

With a heart full of laughter and joy.

It is in that moment

That I am the Master’s toy.

When I allow Him to give me instructions

When I put His work at the ‘fore

When I dedicate all my energy and actions

When I live here “as below so above”.

I do not have to wait for the rapture

I serve in the moment with love.

Then I know that this lifetime is more.

More of His infinite mercy

More of His boundless gifts

More opportunities of service

More of His children to lift.

A smile, a hug or a greeting

Acknowledges the Soul I am meeting.

Then there is no surprise

That  I see the Master

In  another eyes.