The cleansing of the river…for ECK New Year

artistry of Colin Hall
artistry of Colin Hall

The cleansing of the river…

forever, calls me Home.

Home to the river.

It is my sanctuary.

No need to roam.

I must go down to the river…

the poet wrote…

To the lonely sea and the sky…wrote another.

We are all called to the river.

There is no reason to ask why.

When beneath its water I am blessed

Cleansed, renewed, refreshed

With no more forgetfulness.

I remember by  the river.

I renew in the river.

The river takes me Home.

Colin Hall
Colin Hall

Joys of the day – gifts of the Journey

Colin Hall - vision and visual artist
Colin Hall – vision and visual artist

From the soft murmurings of the women

soothing the children from their blankets

To the squeals of laughter as they play

with their siblings in the kitchen

Home is a vibrant place

where one is loved,

cherished and protected. 

Come fill the cup of a brighter youth.  

Come fill the heart with divine truth.

Come sing your songs and beat your drum.

 The challenges of life (through love)  have been overcome.

I am Surrendering (with the artistry of Colin Hall)

Surrendered to thy WIll
Surrendered in thy Praise.
Surrendered to a holy walk.
Surrendered to learn thy Ways. 
Surrendered now to thy Teachings
Humbly I shall learn,
To embrace Thy loving mercies.
Thy Grace, I shall not spurn.
Surrendered now to giving
All thy Joys, so loving and free.
I am totally surrendering
To  this glorious living
More like Thee…
and less like me. 
From the dawning of the morning
To the end of “life`s evening sun
I am surrendered to the grace and beauty
T`is a learning that is never done.
Surrendered to thy WIll
Surrendered in thy Praise.
Surrendered to a holy walk.
Surrendered to learn thy Ways. 
Surrendered now to Service
Sharing Thy love to be amaZed
I am deeply learning surrendering
As I share a life of praise. 
Surrendered to the inner music
Making love my choice.
Surrendered in the moment
While listening to thy Voice. 
 I am surrendered to the light and sound. 
I am surrendered to thy love. 
I am immersed in sweet surrender
Where blessings flow…
from within and up above. 
I am surrendered to the sweet music
As I make love my choice.
I listen more intently
To thy loving Voice. 


Deep is the climb… (with artistry of Colin Hall)


Steep is the climb,

Narrow the footfall.

Blessings there are.

Struggles  too.

Heavenly music.

Incredible view.

Deep is the climb,

Narrow the footfall.

On the pathway

Home .

It is hidden.

It is mysterious.

It is within you.

Steep is the climb,

Narrow the footfall.

Deeper and deeper into You.


I put a rock in my pocket (a journey of grief and healing)

Jasper rock gathering MaryHelen Ferris

Both of my parents loved the autumn.   They died within 60 days of each other.  I had not dealt with the grief.  I needed to go to the mountains.  I needed a rock in my pocket.   Here are the ramblings and tumblings of words in grief as I journeyed to find that rock.   Not knowing I would return to this place of grief and growth often, and especially in the autumn.

I watched the sky.
I wondered ‘why?’
I watched my pain
Formed into rain.
It renewed the earth as it fell.
The earth sprung up
Into the mountainous skies.
The beauty of the mountains acted  as shards to Soul.
I caressed the shards with my eyes; wanting them  to cut deep.

Cut away the dross.

Cut away the loss.
The peaks were covered with misty fog.
The peaks were covered in rain.
The peaks were breathing in glorious snow.
I was very jealous.
I needed to feel that connected.
I wanted to lie on the top mountain peak.
I wanted to caress the forest’s floor.
I wanted to know.
I wanted to be.
I wanted to be real.
I craved renewal and purpose.
I needed to be free of the pain of your passing.
I wanted to feel.
I longed for a mission.
I had to have the compulsion to go onward.
I did not feel anything like that at all.
Then the Sun came out.
It silhouetted the trees
Covered them in a raindrop-halo which glistened.
While they danced in the breeze beauty poured over me,
  Beauty bombarded Soul, beauty went through me.
I drove away whole.
Now in the rear-view mirror
I have my direction.
I will return to the mountains
I will walk through the valleys and peaks.
I will do the next ‘right thing’.
I will be a mountain or raindrop.
Depending on the day.
I will be in touch with my life.
I will learn to say “no
To the needs of another
When my own needs are intense.
I will return to these mountains
when I need to get in touch
With my departed parents
Whom I longed to hold so much.
I put a rock in my pocket.

photo by Sonny Alfredo Galea
Jasper National Park photo by Sonny Alfredo Galea

Keep the light on for the traveler

Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight.
Image via Wikipedia

Whenever any of the family were on the road

Grandmother, would say….

“Let’s keep  the one light on

So the traveler can make it home.”

When you stop to take a moment

Share your smile or hug with another

You are keeping the light burning brightly

Just like my Grand -Mother.

Keep the light on dear heart.

You can never know who is traveling down the road.

But, by keeping the light on, you are sharing the love.

You are lightening up their load.

dreaming out loud (this has a copyright)*contest entry

Living with Nature

I am dreaming that

I have become

the divine feminine gentle Soul.

I am dreaming that

I have a child on the way.

I am dreaming that

I am beloved of one

of The Beloved’s own.

I am dreaming that

I have freedoms all the way

to worlds unknown.

I am dreaming that

love will have its say.

I am dreaming that

love has healed me

and made me whole.

Oh,  my goodness

Oh,  for heaven’s sake

I am not dreaming.

This is my true life

I am truly wide awake.

The Virgin was not

the only one

Who was  blessed

among women.

I am.

I am that

because of the love

of the Creator.

I am that

because of the love

that has been so

freely given to me

I am that

because in my Soul

I am truly free.

I am that

because in every day
in each every way

each day

I am getting better and better.

I am becoming

more like Thee.

I see your love

in every rock and tree and flower

I see more love

behind the eyes of my neighbour

I see it growing by the hour.

I am living the dream

That Soul came here to dream.

I gaze into your eyes

It is then I realize

You are living the same dream.

How blessed we are

beloved dear heart

That each day is so full

of the love of the Creator

For all of us

Now I surrender

To do my part.

Autumn intentions under the Harvest full moon

roses after first snowfall
Image via Wikipedia

 The autumn crispness now blends with the harvest smells on the breeze

The last barbeques, corn busts, and fire pits are lasting longer.

The last of the roses are worshipped petal by petal…covered by by snow.

The last die-hard campers are offering pleas.

Spirits are buckling up,  seeing if they are worth the metal

of the long winter ahead.

This will not be a winter of our dis-content.

This will be the harvesting of centuries of due diligence…

This will be the fulfillment of the destiny in the stars…

This is will be the autumn and winter in which Soul serves to flourish

This will be the winter of the longest snows.

This will be the holiday of holidays.

This autumn, this winter the celebration will be ours..

All of this and more…only heaven knows.

“Insha Allah” as the Master wills.

May our hearts be open

May our questioning spirits be stilled.

May we in loving service surrender to God’s will.

May we see the Beloved Master in our neighbours eyes.

May we  live to love many more autumns and winters.

May our loving service come as no surprise.

“Insh Allah” as the Master wills.

May our hearts be open

May our questioning spirits be stilled.