Christmas everyday.

Christmas  felt  like a play rehearsal.

The stars,  my parents, were missing.

You  had  already gone to  Broadway.

Act One, had already been performed .

Your  work here was done.

Because of your love and your life

It is,  for me,  Christmas everyday.

Some moments,  do not feel like presents.

Some moments,  I feel stuffed and overfed with grief.

Some hours pass,  now,  when I refuse to believe you are gone.

Some moments,  I feel your presence.


Those  are the moments when you nestle in my heart.

 The  goodness of your intentions,

Your  laughter and your inventions

take hold,  giving  me a new start.

Then,  it becomes  Christmas everyday.


I send you love on your Journey.

I embrace your memories.

I embrace your memories.

That makes everyday Christmas.




Love to you on Christmas

Love to you on Christmas.

It is Christmas Eve Day.

I have not sent you a parcel tied up with string that you may open.

I have, instead, sent you my open heart.
It is full of gratitude.
I know you.
I love you,
I am the most blessed this Christmas
Because, I know you and I love you.
-MaryHelen Ferris