This poem is dedicated to the Travelers…and those who wait to welcome them home.

This poem is  dedicated to the Travelers
and those who wait to welcome them home.
Alone, you,  may think you are.
You are not.
You may simply be
Broken-hearted and longing
to be with the Beloved.
You are always with the Beloved.
When in the moment
you think
you are the most alone
 and broken
You are being carried
on the Wings of Love.
Enjoy the view,
dear hearts.
You are the most 
 Beloved  of the Beloved.
On the Wings of Love….
of the Beloved
The Beloved Ones… 
(that means each
and every one of us
  all of you)
  There is  a glowing love
That cannot be held back
that the earth plane
can not hold……….
This beautiful flame of  love
glowing in the eyes of another
Beloved Traveler of the Beloved
Is how we find each and other
Lifetime after lifetime
In a circle of Love
Formed on the Wings of Love.