9 Steps From Pallets To Hardwood Floor For About $100 Bucks And Some Elbow Grease

It took some effort, it took some time, but in the end, we’re super thrilled with it.Step 1: Getting StartedOur pantry floor was a disaster. Or, the tiny scary purposeless room we turned into a pantry had this horrible cheap carpet in it. Hardly up to task. Stopping by a pallet recycler for another project, I discovered these cut block pieces. Slowly over time I amassed enough for the whole floor.Step 2: Start of installationI picked up a roll of foam underlayment to add a layer of insulation as

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JPKC -Welcome to My World: Four Ways to Lose Weight Without Gym

Four Ways to Lose Weight Without Gym
“Eat less, exercise more.” While these wise words incorporate the most universally successful diet plan, there are several things you can do without hitting the gym to help your body fuel more efficiently. Here are four tips that will help you reach your weight goal:

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Comments On The American Perspective | Beyond Bridges By John Philpin

I saw the black writing coming through a feed recently …. and in a quiet moment – decided to comment back as an English person who has spent more than half of his life outside of the UK – and most of that in the United States ….. In the UK (as an American has … Continue reading Comments On The American Perspective

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