Belief is a Choice

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Belief is a choice, like trust and bravery. Trust and belief are choices, once made become invisible. If you make the choice to not believe, it is always the lens you view the world through.

On November 3, 1929, Robert Ripley  drew a panel in his syndicated cartoon saying “Believe It or Not, America has no national anthem. “Despite the widespread belief that “The Star-Spangled Banner”, was the United States national anthem, congress had never officially proclaimed it.  By a law signed on two years later, by President Herbert Hoover, “The Star-Spangled Banner” was adopted as the national anthem of the United States. That was the beginning of Ripley’s real fame.

The 1930s saw Ripley expand his presence into other media. In 1930, he began a fourteen-year run on radio. Ripley recorded live radio shows from underwater, the sky, caves, snake pits, and foreign countries. The next year he hosted…

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Finally – Lyrics to Song – Fruition

Finally – Lyrics to Song – Fruition


Les FLetcer sharsw the love….in so many ways

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I have been sitting on a couple of songs (lyrics) I wrote, always wondering what they would sound like when put to voice and music. I have no knowledge of music, but I do know that normally the music comes first and the lyrics follow, so what was I to do? Send them to Elton John? He is one of the only musicians who puts lyrics to music in collaboration with his long time partner Bernie Taupin.

I had entered a different set of lyrics into a contest for which there was a fee only to be bombarded with promotional material (because they found I had such talent!) <insert LOL here>. Suffice to say, on a freelancer’s budget, nothing quite hit the mark with me.

Recently I came across someone (Doug Haines, www.douglashainesmusic.comwilling to set my lyrics to voice and music. He tweaked very little and for…

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