The Power of Small and B1G1 – One year on… – Adam Houlahan

How time flies! March 2015 I published an article about meeting the chairman of B1G1 – Business for Good and how it changed my life. Paul Dunn’s  outstanding presentation introduced me to the concept of “The Power of Small” and how small but regular contributions by normal individuals and everyday businesses eventually add up to something significant to make big impacts in the lives of others. Here is that article, please do read it now. This post will have a lot more impact if you do  The concept was simple; imagine for every cup of coffee you enjoy, someone who needs fresh water gets it. Or for every book you sell, someone is gifted with sight. Or for each new client you sign, a child in a third-world country receives life-saving immunisation. At that time I committed to become involved and just one year later, my own small but regular contributions to others had impacted 100,001 people in a positive and potentially life-changing way. That’s 100,001 smiles – including my own. I set myself the goal that by March 31, 2016, my small efforts would have created 300,000 smiles. So did we make it? Creating smiles one year on Settingmore info

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