I am in a relationship with myself…join us

I am a person. I have spiritual wings and physical feet and “hopeless” dreams…hopeless...not this Soul.

I am a person.  I have been labelled – homeless, addict, alcoholic, manic, looser – hippy – the first time around.
I am a person. I am an owner of skin
I am not a hopeless use of skin…often flirt, farty,
I heard someone once call me
hard  of hearing, slow of gait, slow out of the gate,
believer to the last drop.

So I dropped him then and there.  (( – (Husband  number #3 just wanted me for the visa…((could be a story here somewhere))

I Believed…”If Only

I believed…”if I could try harder to square this circle…”

I believed “Maybe…this marriage…will work.

It is the POWER (of my Higher Power that I stole from me and my friends, family and gave away) to any and all of  my addictions, substances, toxic situation, dramas and dramas.

There are days when I can show my shadow self how she cheats herself out of the joy of life.

This is what you are like without your serenity, peace, patience, without your Higher Power…

Just a loving glorious being

Recently I went through a a very long hospitalizatrion.  Nov 10 to Dec20 and I was blessed with how my body chose to handly it   No drugs, no alcholol no temper tantrams….just continued shongs and rhyms….very sing-songy like when a child has a fever.

I was re-fusing a banquet from the Creator of the Universe…The price of admission…Admission that I need needed help.  Willing to be Willing to be willing…

I have extra blankets and hot tea…

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