Mr. Trudeau are you listening – the CBC asked me to help you!

Mary Helen Ferris Support the youth and young people by revising the stupid student loan donkey on their backs. They learn and cannot earn enough to be out of debt till their pension kicks in. Two – family first policy across the board – Take care of our out lying villages before we bring in a hundred more villages. Knowing we are all family that means take a page of MEDICINE HAT, Alberta’s book and abolish homelessness. Three – give the foundation of our nation – the veterans – a deceit support system (say give them the kinds of perks that folks in prison get. Four – take care of the elderly who are going without proper supports – some medicines are not covered, eye glasses only have $250.00 per year coverage…and dont get me started talking about dental coverage. (There is NO tooth fairy after 65) Five – and this is very important – allow the politicians one month to live on what pensioners get and you would see a RE-FORMATION -no nation ever has seen. SIX Stop, stop with the labels – senior disabled white female with residual effects from heart disease and cancer AND THAT IS JUST THE LABELS YOU GIVE MY DOG. For crying out loud, this nation has been spitting in the wind since day one when the so-called Founding fathers destroyed everything and every body on their to the cabana boy and limo driver. These points are not in any particular order but if we think -FAMILY FIRST – realizing we are all family and here to help one another instruct our EMPLOYEES IN GOVERNMENT and stop whining and moaning about the fact we cannot be heard. I call bull shit folks. Get your pens and papers, computers and phone calls and help our employees in government do their job. We pay them. Let’s give them a revised job description and get going with the job of being a family and not some scared useless piece of skin afraid to be heard. Thanks for asking the question about my beloved country and its changing focus. I would say more but I have to go to the food bank and get my hamper. – and this is all I have time to say.

Mary Helen Ferris
Mary Helen Ferris Excuse my store-bought glasses and typos but I have not had my second cup of coffee yet. These comments are submitted with respecft. Return them with the respect they deserve. Build our family and extend the helping hands to our extended family around the world. Get it right this time.

Mary Helen Ferris
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