How-to-sell-your-ideas-to-millennials/Forbes with Ian Altman and Brad Szollose

“Baby boomers were taught to shut up, listen, and follow the rules. Boomers had a need and desire to look busy to their bosses.” Said Brad Szollose – Author of Liquid Leadership, and a workforce performance strategist based in New York. “Millennials are attuned to results and efficiency. When the task is done, they are not going to give the appearance of being busy. They want to find the best way to get something accomplished, and are not willing to blindly accept the way others did things in the past.” When it comes to brand loyalty, Szollose explains, “Whereas boomers were loyal to brands based on advertising, Millennials are attracted to brands who think and act like they do. If you are hip enough, Millennials are willing to pay more to be associated with you than with others.”

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