Google Tests Autonomous Cars for ‘Weird Situations’ on Surface Streets – Government Technology

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The director of Google’s self-driving cars says the cars have confronted a variety of scenes on surface streets around the company’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters.

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It’s great that Google are doing this testing with autonomous cars It highlights exactly some of the things I have been blogging about lately The Google car comes across a woman in a wheelchair chasing a duck. Yes, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. The driverless car stops and waits, where a human driving a car would probably honk their horn, scare them both out of the way and carry on instead of waiting and increasing congestion.

Ducks are a classic. We had a major problem in New Zealand earlier this year when all over the country mother ducks took their ducklings across highways and motorways and just like in this video clip from Minnesota DoT cars swerved…

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