Eckankar: Spiritual Exercise of the Week

The Formula Technique

Like so many other ECKists, I found that when I went into contemplation or the dream state, I’d have an experience on the inner planes. But I often wondered, How can I tell whether the experience happened on the Astral Plane, the Causal Plane, or the Mental Plane?

I knew there was a difference between these levels, but when something occurred, I often couldn’t tell where it came from.

One night the ECK Master Peddar Zaskq gave me a technique. “It’s like a visitor’s pass to the other planes,” he told me. “Anyone can use it, whether you’re a First Initiate or a Fourth. Instead of just letting the experience happen and then hoping someone will show you a sign that tells you in bright letters where you are, you have a way to tell where you are in the inner worlds.”

Formula Two works for visiting the Astral Plane. You chant HU two times, then you breathe two times. You keep doing this for fifteen minutes, before bed or in contemplation. Lightly keep in mind that you want to visit the Astral Plane.

Formula Three works for the Causal Plane; it’s the same procedure, except you chant three times and breathe three times. This is the plane of seed ideas and seed karma. When you go to sleep you very gently try to hold thoughts of the Causal Plane.

Formula Four is for the Mental Plane; you chant HU four times, then breathe four times. Formula Five is for the Soul Plane: five HUs and five breaths.

Before you begin, write in your dream journal which formula you are going to try. After you have any degree of success with this, begin comparing all the experiences of the same plane. See if there isn’t a thread that works through them. There is a different texture to all the experiences on the Astral level than there is for the Causal, where you’re trying to see past lives.

I found this technique very helpful. Perhaps you can try it tonight or in the weeks to come.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK
By Harold Klemp
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