Harold Klemp ~ Learning about Surrender ~ Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Learning about Surrender

Harold Klemp - eckankar.org
Harold Klemp – eckankar.org

During contemplation, declare yourself an instrument of love for the Sugmad (God), the ECK, and the Mahanta. Softly sing HU for several minutes. You may hear the Sound as a buzz or pulse like an electrical current. This is one of the many sounds of the Holy Spirit.

If the Sound is loud and stays with you after contemplation, making you restless and unable to sleep, ask the Dream Master, “How can I surrender to the Sound of God?”

Imagine the Dream Master telling you he will teach you about surrender in the dream state tonight. He instructs you to first still your thoughts, then repeat to yourself the phrase, “I surrender to the ECK.”

In the morning write down your dreams, and take them into contemplation. What did you learn about surrender?

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

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