Opening in surrender -{with the artistry of colin hall}

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I open my heart

to receive your love.

I open my eyes

to the lessons, the blessings

from below and above.

I open my ears

to hear all of nature

singing your praise.

I am filled

with the wonder

of the Ancient of Days.

I open my lips

to speak in a gentle voice…

to do your will;

make love my choice.

Turning my neck

to be willing and still

obedient, flexible to Thy will.

I open my hands

in loving service

to release the past,  be

steadfast not nervous.

I open my life, my heart, my home

to be of service to those you

send to me “on loan”.

I open my vision

that I may see

ways to be “the change”

more like Thee.

I open up

to the Ancient of Days

as I learn to walk

the narrow way.

I surrender

my heart, hands,

head and…

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