The mission, the mirror and lesson……..

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The mission was simple.

 I was to be a mirror  for the Sunlight of the Spirit.

 I was to show you your beauty.

How was I to do that?

Someone said  ”Life has a way of teaching us the lesson we are to learn  in order for us to fulfill our mission.”

I  thought I  needed to do only one thing.

 Change every thing about myself so that I could:

  • Love anyway
  • Give anyway
  • Listen anyway
  • Be there for you
  • Be present for myself

There came to a point that I was exhausted.  

I felt like a fraud.

How could I show you your beauty…did not know of my own?

Was the love I was sharing truly helpful?

Was I short circuiting your growth by providing every thing you needed?

What about my needs, wants, desires?

“I am only human…perhaps on a divine mission…but…

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