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English: Knowledge, mural by Robert Lewis Reid...

The Teachers Blackboard

The old seemingly lifeless blackboard,
no one who sees him thinks he really feels.
Made of tarnished slate and black in color,
finds very few who values his true appeal

A daily slave to the teachers fingers,
he knows more than he’ll ever show.
Is really such a lonely fellow,
though many eyes he has come to know.

Never does he ever complain or speak,
and yet cries tears that we cannot see.
For so much knowledge has he kept,
as he alone always holds the key.

Only to be forgotten as yesterdays lessons,
that might have set young minds so free.
But never by most was he rightly used,
because each day many still fail to see.

But the open minds of a few acknowledge,
the richness he shares that is theirs to keep.
If they consume a daily meal from him,
storing his knowledge in…

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