Alone, I cameSnapshot_20111231_11

tho somewhat

surrounded with folks.


img_0941I am ,

until someone

on facebook sends “pokes”.


I go

into the setting sun.

Snapshot_20130303_1I alone,

shall meet the Creator…

when my time

on earth is done.

Wtitten Nov 17   8:40 AM with the fever of pneumonia and much laughter. 

Guide to photos   Top Left  Christmas Day 2011   Toasting the dear hearts with a Golden Cup with golden hearts

Top Right   Poetess Ferris talking to the trees at Jasper September 2008  photo credit Sonny Alfredo Galea

Bottom Left   Snow patterns on my window in Blizzard late Spring 2013

Bottom Right   October Roses   I wanted to take a photo of roses in sunlight….and received a bowl of love, laughter and light.



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