Standing in the Wind

Under the almost-full-moon,

I am waltzing with the wind.

There are some things in my life

that don`t make me dance;

The homeless folks,

kids that don`t get a chance.

Vietnam Women's Memorial

 I am standing

in the Wind for each one  of these

Giving my love to all

on  the midnight breeze.

I am standing

for those who have paid the cost.

I am standing

for the broken, the lonely, and lost.

I am standing

in this cleansing wind.

Letting its healing seep deep within.

I know you have “miles to go before you sleep“*.

That is why, this vigil, I keep.

I am standing

dear heart, for  the childless mother,

The sister who struggles,

The neglected brother.

I am standing

for the wee ones

till they find

someone who cares.

I am standing

in the wind

for those who are aware.

I am standing

for the ones to come

in answer to their prayers.

I am standing

for the rape and pillage of dear Mother Earth.

sunset at dundee

I am standing

for the people who have never known mirth.

I am standing

with women of the winds

the visible, the unseen ones and the ones up above.

We are standing

to break the storm 

to  bring the love,

 keep the children warm. 

We are standing

to invite and allow the forgiveness in.

Giorgio Conrad (1827-1889) - A homeless mother...

We are standing together to form an invisible bond 

with all the women present and beyond

We are standing for  those who are forgotten

for the dear ones who are spit upon.

We are standing

in the wind  until the dawn.

We will stand

until the last trace of  fear is gone.

We will stand

to learn under the sky

the patience to listen

to the ones who ask why.

We will stand

with and for them

until they can stand for themselves.


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