Every moment a gift

water carrier
water carrier (Photo credit: jenny downing)

Today I noticed today

my heart take a lift

I was aware of

each moment

 being a wonderful gift.

I have a warm bed,

with clean sheets,

wonderful blankets  in a quiet home.

No longer on the streets nor highways to roam.

I could flick a switch to turn on a light.

The water flowed in my shower…

the temperature just right.

I did not have to chop and haul in the wood.

The warm water flowed right where I stood. 

I did not have to go

to the dugout to bring in the water. 

I did not have to build the fire

to heat the stove,

to boil the water,

to fill the bath.

One flick of the switch…

the joy of its simplicity made me laugh.

How many dear Souls,

are wandering still 

On the byways of life,

searching for something, anything 

the empty spaces to fill?

How many dear hearts, are dying of thirst?

How many are hungry…their children come first?

How many dear ones are without a home?

No dry safe place to rest. 

Oh, yes I am so blest.

I live  with freedom

in my wonderful home.

I am sheltered, warmed, protected…

so blessed that I no longer roam.

Some asked

What did you do today…

I shared with them the joys as above.

They mentioned that I see all things with love. 

I replied

I am not living in a dumpster, or behind prison’s bars.

I have joy and freedom under the stars.

I have wonder and beauty in the simplest things

Oh, yes, a warm home and a bath can make my heart sing. 

Every moment a gift.

 Each second a blessing.


Porteur d'eau, lac Malawi
Porteur d’eau, lac Malawi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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