Fran Blackwell ~ Portal to Compassion

November 13, 2013 at 5:24am

Portal to Compassion


The heart must understand with

compassion, with tenderness, and love,


Yet one might wonder, how is this cultivated?

Can it be taught, or caught?

If it can only come when ones heart is

opened, never to close again, with conscious awareness

that it is a vessel of learning and fulfillment of

all the experiences life brings,cherishing each as a gift,

showing Gods love for Soul, no matter how

the package is wrapped, or what the gift is inside ……


Each moment is God Crafted so we become

more God like, oh how strong is a heart in its

longing for God?


Each beat is a reminder of how precious

is the gift of life, each moment quivers with

memories of the kiss of Gods love

imprinted for all eternity, the mark of God


Branded in the hallowed halls where silence speaks

sacred sounds awakening soul from the slumber

of dreaming itself awake, to answer the call

to Now stand before God,


not to receive anything.

but to give back to life,

to love life compassionately,

completely immersed in serving and giving all

as a magnet of divine love,unconditional in its

presence, what else is there in life?



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