Buffalo’s pen…Love for Soul

I am the white rose in the wind.
I am the mighty oak.
I am the words of every rhyme
I am the smile unspoke.
I am the wind in the mighty pine.
I am the eyes of the child.
I am the wonder of the world.
I am the beauty of thine.
I am the road less traveled.
I am the oceans roar.
I am the peaceful moment.
When your beloved asks for more.
I am the deserts flowering
As the sun rises or sets
I am the Beloved of the Beloved
I am so blessed He forgets.
He forgets all my stumbling and failings
He forgets when I did not try.
He forgets when I question His goodness.
He forgives and forgets when I ask "Why?"
I am the pen of the writer.
I am the sound of the drum.
I am the voice of the singer
Whose words make one's spirit hum.
I am the feet of the dancer
Whose twirling sets souls afire.
I am the holy flame of spirit.
I am all you desire.
I am the reason you came to be.
I am in you.
You are in me.
Words cannot describe me.
I am the love for Soul .


36 thoughts on “Buffalo’s pen…Love for Soul

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. It was an amaZing experience. Outside my window, first week of October there is a white rose in bud. For four days she dances in the wind, compelling me to tell her story. The only line I had was I am the white rose in the wind. When I typed it….all the other lines literally came out my fingers. I watched the poem form. That is why it is a gift for all of us to share. Blessed it caught your eye.

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