Fran Blackwell shares Well is It? (beloved Guest Author)

What Is?

October 3, 2013 at 5:55pm19840_1351531873385_2010256_n

Well Is It?

Life is like memory foam,

Each and every impression, thought,

in each moment impresses itself

like a deposit left behind,

left behind within the fabric of life….

this is one of the many reasons time is illusion,

even if outer structures change within the

outer environment, these impressions left behind

can be read within the sacred text of living.

What is the substance of all the converging

energies in this fabric of life……..

this started with the question:

does memory foam fall prey to Alzheimer?

Combining with the elements of reading the sacred in everyday life,

each moment can be read like pages of a book.

A book of all moments in the passing parade of

the moving river of life.

A library of human and spiritual experiences,

imprinted waiting for it’s recognition, of the stories to be

not just be told, but heard,

a women giving birth, crying out as labor pains assault

her presence of mind,

a flower growing from seedling form sprouting into

the light for warmth and nourishment,

someone hungry and longing for God fell asleep

in the exhaustion of the journey,

yes,lay their head down in surrender on this spot of earth

where now a sidewalk covers its instilled memory

and the foot prints of countless souls who have walked this

way leaving behind in their wake, tears, cries, laughter

dreams,hopes, fears, that carried them through

lifetimes,looking for answers that cannot be found

in just one lifetime, it takes many many incarnations

of longing, and wanting, and willing to give it all up

and would surrender it all, if only the dream would

come into focus….to see clearly…..what this empty longing

is about….and why it is all consuming in its relentlessness,

wishing and beseeching all that is holy,

does not bring the answers closer.

Yet how can it elude Soul making sincere request?

Ah ha, it cannot, one of the laws of Spirit, is reciprocity,

when sincerity is in the request it must respond in kind,

yet the memory imbedded within the journey of one Soul, all Souls

is there lingering within the very substance of living.

This song of all Souls crying out to God….

can be heard,

Can you hear it?

Can be felt,

Can you feel it?

It remains forever, imprinted in the sacred book of the heart, all hearts.

It is also the cry in the night,

when Soul cry’s out to God,

Help me, help me, I can’t help myself.

This cry each and every Soul has cried

thousand sand thousands of moments out of time,

heard by God, never forgotten by God.

Imagine if you will, the grand design in place

to lead each and every Soul willing to surrender

to the will of God, to a meeting with the Beloved One.

Spiritual discoveries abound within this meeting,

what are they?

All the illusions taken for reality are necessary nothings,

It is the divine plan leading Soul to its rightful place

to take up residence within the Heart of God’s Grace.

But the best is that this is where Soul always existed,

and all the countless struggles necessary for the refinement,

the peeling away spiritual cataracts from the eye of the beholder

only because of the moment of wanting Gods

Presence more than air

more than life itself….

the moment Soul knows and declares, I cannot exist one more second without God ,

is it discovered Gods presence and the Beloved of God, has always been with Soul,

carrying Soul through incarnation after incarnation…..

And the residue left behind, of itself and countless other Soul’s

Soul remembers, and something stirs within….

Leaving Soul to tremble in its wake,

awaking question,




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